10 Ways to Balance Motherhood So You Don’t Lose Your Mind

And so it begins!  The day that I tried to avoid as long as possible.    We are at the point where all three of my oldest boys are now involved in various activities.  Running two kids around seemed manageable, but three might just be the death of me.  I’ve always thought I was good at multi-tasking but just the thought of running in 3 different directions every night of the week has me feeling very anxious and overwhelmed.  And then I realize that I did this to myself.  I sacrificed my sanity so my kids can have different opportunities to have fun, be active and also to develop their talents.  Do all moms do that?  I think for the most part we do.  It’s in our nature to want our kids to be involved in the things that they are excited about and that teach them new skills.  I also feel like I have too much to do during the day so that my early evenings can be spent running kids around.  So how do I handle this time of my life without ending up in the loony bin? I’ve done a lot of reading on this topic and have come up with 10 ways to balance the demands of motherhood. 1- Learn to say no! I’ll be the first to say that I have a hard time with this one.  I want my boys to be involved in everything that they like but there comes a time where we have to make them choose which activities they like best.  It’s not only important for our sanity but theirs as well.  I know my kids have a heavier school load than I did at their age and getting them involved in too much extracurricular activities at such a young age could really stress them out.  Also,  I feel like I have a responsibility to help and serve not just my family, but people in my church and community as well.  And saying no gets me feeling really guilty.  We have to be able to be honest with ourselves and others and just say, “look, I really would love to be able to do that but I just can’t right now.”  And that answer is okay.  Our lives come in seasons and if you are a young mother with busy kids, your main service will be done in your home.  (And I’m not saying don’t serve others but know your limits and if things start affecting your health and sanity, it’s time to re-evaluate your commitments.) […]

Monday Motivation: Roots and Wings

Today was the day!  First day of school.  I know I said I would be jumping for joy when school started but when today actually came, I was a nervous wreck.  Not really sad, because I know how much my boys love school and I feel that they were ready to get back on a schedule and back to seeing their friends, but just nervous. I didn’t cry or embarass them with tons of hugs and pictures (who knew that my little boys would be too cool for mom starting in 1st grade!)  I did snap a few pics from a distance and then got an eye-roll from my 3rd grader when he noticed and I followed both of their classes into the school just to make sure I knew where there classrooms were and to make sure they were in the right place. And then I watched them head off to another year of learning without looking back.   […]

Monday Motivation: “Do It Anyway”

This quote doesn't r [...]

Monday Motivation:The Love of a Mother

This has been a hard week and a half for me, in fact so hard that I didn’t even write a Monday Motivation last week because every time I would try to put my thoughts into words, they came out so wrong and tears were too close to the surface.  It was a week and a half ago that our small community was rocked by the death of a beautiful mother and her 3-year-old son in a car accident. Living in a small town has advantages and disadvantages and one of the advantages being that you have the chance to really get to know people.  It’s a given that you will run into people you know pretty much everywhere and this particular mother was well-loved by many in the community.  She was a mother of all boys, just like me, and we often would chat at soccer games, church or school events about the craziness of raising boys.  And she was doing an amazing job.  Her oldest son is one of my 6-year-old’s best friends and he is the type of little boy that you love to have around.  The times I have had him in my home or when we see him at school or soccer he always greets us with a huge hug and a smile on his face.  And the thought that her little boy no longer has his mother completely breaks my heart. […]

Monday Motivation: Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone

  Think for a minute what you would want to do or be if you had absolutely no fear of failure.  Does any thing in particular come to mind?  Have you ever felt that you could do amazing things if only you would let yourself give up your comfort zone? I love the above quote.  Why is it so hard to step outside the box and challenge ourselves with new things? […]

Monday Motivation: Gratitude

This morning I am ta [...]

Monday Motivation:Celebrating Our Differences as Mothers

There is something that has been really bothering me lately and I really feel that as mothers we need to talk about it. It seems like everywhere I turn I come across women on the defensive when it comes to issues of motherhood.  I see it everywhere; on the web, on television, at church, school, etc. Mothers everywhere are arguing about things such as where we should have a baby (home/hospital), when we should have a baby (induced, natural, overdue, c-section), how we should have a baby, (natural, epidural, water birth, doula, doctor, mid-wife), what we should choose to do after our bundles of joy are here (breastfeed/bottle feed, be a working mom, SAHM, or WAHM), which sleep strategies we should use for our babies, and the list goes on and on and on.  Why are we spending so much time debating why our way is the best and only way and how someone who chooses to do things differently is somehow a bad mother or at least not quite as good? I know discussions of motherhood and child rearing can become very heated and women on all sides of debates can have valid points but WHY do we care to argue in the first place?  Why do we feel the need to be validated by someone who doesn’t walk in our shoes each and every day?  […]

Monday Motivation:What Did You Do All Day?

So this weekend I have been sick, sick sick!  I think there should be a universal law that moms aren’t allowed to get sick!  So I’m a little slow at posting my Monday Motivation but when I was thinking of things to post I just had to share this funny little story.   I needed a little chuckle today.   Hope you enjoy! What Did You Do All Day? By: Veronica Kavanagh […]

Monday Motivation: Don’t Quit!

I've been thinking a [...]

Monday Motivation: Our Deepest Fear

Our Deepest Fear A f [...]

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