Balloon Rockets

Balloon Rockets We all know that boys love anything that explodes, starts on fire or can fly through the air.  We have made paper rockets in the past and these balloon rockets provided my boys with the ability to let things fly in the house without getting in trouble. 😉  And all you need is items that most likely can be found laying around the house.  Don’t you just love inexpensive entertainment? Supplies needed: […]

Simple Science: Homemade Gak Recipe

Gak Recipe Last week I got the call from the school that my oldest son wasn’t feeling well.  The nurse said he was complaining about a stomach ache so baby and I headed out to the school to pick him up.  After he came home and rested for a while he realized that life at home can be pretty boring during the day when all of your playmates, aka brothers, are at school.  We had found a fun Science book for kids at the library so he started perusing the pages and came upon a homemade Gak recipe. […]

Simple Science: Easy Baking Soda Volcano

When you think about an elementary school science project, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  A baking soda volcano!  I remember making one out of salt dough  and painting it to look awesome and then being amazed when I got to watch it erupt. My boys have had a major case of “I’m Bored” syndrome since school has been out so today I decided to make an easy baking soda volcano.  No salt dough or painting involved.  Just some simple supplies that you probably have around the house. […]

Simple Science: Growing Crystals

Lately my boys have been obsessed with science experiments and since my college degree was in the science field, this is right up my alley and yes my nerdy side has been coming out a little bit. ;).  We went to the library and checked out about 7 or 8 books with science experiments for kids.  So, you may be seeing more posts with simple science projects you can do with your boys.  Growing crystals was really easy and it was fun to watch the crystals grow each day. […]

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