It seems like this time of year we are always looking for different Christmas games for parties and to entertain our kids. For a part of family night last night I put together a little Christmas charades game.  It was too funny watching the boys act out the different actions.  They crack me up!

Christmas Charades

Christmas Charades

If you haven’t played charades before, it is easy!  Just print out your game and cut each of the activities into strips and put them in a bowl.

Then, divide your group into two teams to play against each other.  A member from each team will come up to compete.  They will pull an action out of the bowl and act it out as best as the can.

The first team to guess the action they are acting out, gets a point.  There will be lots and lots of laughs while you play.

You can keep score or just play for fun like we like to do.  Have fun Rockin’ around the Christmas tree!

Christmas Charades are perfect for your next family or work party or to be played as class party.  We had SO much fun with this game at my son’s 5th grade Christmas party.  The kids were cracking up!  Plus, since we don’t get any snow here, it is fun to pretend to have a snowball fight or make snow angels. 😉

Do you love to play Christmas games with your family?  What is your favorite Christmas game to play?

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