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Confident Mothers Thriving Sons

    As a mother, you want your son to grow into a good man. 

    You want him to live a life full of meaning and purpose and to become a kind and giving adult.  

    But sometimes you might find yourself worrying that you don't have the tools to help him become that man, or you worry about even keeping him alive until adulthood (Yep, been there! #lifewithboys)

Do you:

  • Wish you felt more confident in your abilities to raise your son into a motivated, compassionate and responsible man?
  • Ever find yourself blowing up at your son because you just can't seem to get through to him?
  • Find that you struggle with communicating in a way that will actually get your son to listen to you?
  • Worry that your son is lacking motivation and will never leave your home and "thrive" on his own?

Are you drowning in chaos, anxiety and frustration when it comes to raising your son? 

Hi, I'm Kara.

Mother of 4 awesome and completely different and unique sons and founder of where I have been sharing parenting resources with moms of boys since 2012.

I've been in your shoes. I remember wondering if I was "enough" as a mom to my boys. 

I wondered how I could possibly help my sons gain confidence and find purpose in their lives if I wasn’t feeling confident as their mother. 

Then I cracked the code. 

I gained the tools necessary to become the calm and confident mother that I had always hoped to be to my sons.

I learned how to communicate with my sons in a way that gets them to listen and helps them discover their strengths.

I no longer feel like I need to "fix" my sons and have learned to help them thrive as unique individuals. 

Let me be your guide and give you the same tools that have made such a difference in our home. Are you ready for a change? 


The Confident Mothers/ Thriving Sons Workshop was designed to give you the tools you need to help your son discover his best self.

You will learn:

  • How to increase your confidence as a mother so you will be able to help your son thrive
  • The simple trick to knowing what's really going on behind your son's behaviors or lack of motivation so you can help him discover his strengths
  • How to build a lasting relationship with your son by changing your thoughts and the way you communicate with him
Confident Mothers/Thriving sons

This 5 Day Workshop will give you the foundation and actionable steps to start making positive changes in your relationship with your son. 

The workshop includes:

  • 5 days of live informational trainings
  • Workshop recordings to listen anytime
  • Confident Mothers/Thriving Sons Workbook (15+ pages)
  • Daily implementation assignments to practice what you learned
  • Private Facebook group for accountability and support

The workshop will take place live in our Facebook group from May 4th-May 8th at
1:00pm MDT and will be RECORDED so you can listen again at any time. 

When implemented correctly, you will watch with joy as your son discovers the motivation and confidence to live his best life.

Now Is The Time to Create The Relationship With Your Son That You Have Always Wanted