How to Make a LEGO Bank

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My boys love, love, love to save their money.  It kind of makes me laugh to see them counting their dollars and coins and keeping them stashed away in a safe place.  This LEGO bank is the perfect place for kids to store their cash or other treasures that are important to them. LEGO Bank I love how these LEGO banks turned out!  You could totally customize their faces to look however your kids want them to look. […]

Shrek Printable Activities

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I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider and received a copy of Shrek to review.  All opinions are my own.  Can you believe that it has been 15 years since Shrek the ogre, and the loveable loudmouthed Donkey, went on a daring quest to rescue Princess Fiona from a fire-breathing dragon to win back his swamp from Lord Farquaad?  The Shrek movies have become some of our favorites.  I’m excited to share a few Shrek printable activities that your kids will love as well as the new 4-disc collection. Shrek Printable Activities This post contains affiliate links Your kids will love these Shrek printable activities.  Click here to access printable games, stationary, bookmarks and more featuring your favorite characters from Shrek.  You can even make a 3D version of Shrek and his friends.  I love free activities that can help keep my boys entertained.  There are even paper airplanes! […]

Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids

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I’m bored!!  How many times have you heard that already this summer? These outdoor summer activities for kids will help to keep boredom at bay. Outdoor Summer Activities for Kids There are days that my boys have an attention span of a fly and seem to get bored really easily and other days where they will play really nicely in their rooms or build LEGO creations for hours.  I went looking for some ideas for Outdoor Summer Activities for kids that will help on those days where they need some new ideas and here’s what I found. […]

Patriotic Crafts for Kids

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These Patriotic Crafts for Kids are so much fun!  Can you believe that the 4th of July is this week?!?!  Where has the summer gone?  This fun roundup of Patriotic Crafts, will keep your kids busy all week. Patriotic Crafts for Kids My boys love the 4th of July.  In fact, every year one of them mentions that it is their favorite holiday.  Since the 4th of July is somewhat mid-summer, it gives us the perfect opportunity to do some fun themed crafts and activities.  I’ve put together some fun patriotic crafts for kids, including our Toothpaste Box Firecrackers, that your kids will love.  Just click through on the links below to take you to the instructions for each post. Patriotic Crafts for Kids […]

How to Make LEGO Minifigure Soap

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We’ve all heard stories about kids who refuse to shower or bathe, or if they do shower, they don’t use soap!  The struggle is real!  If there is one thing I know about boys, it is that they sometimes need a little “encouragement” when it comes to getting clean and smelling good.  Make LEGO minifigure soap, to encourage your little army to stay clean and fresh! Make LEGO Minifigure Soap How to make LEGO Men Soap  It’s really not difficult to make LEGO Minifigure soap!  I thought it would be much more difficult.    […]

Printable Father’s Day Cards

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My boys have always loved making cards and little gifts for us on Mother’s and Father’s Day.  Now that I almost have a teenager, I’m realizing that the homemade cards might be coming less and less as my boys get older.  Seriously, why hasn’t anyone figured out how to stop time yet??  My boys are growing up too fast.  These Printable Father’s Day cards are perfect for kids or for anyone who wants to send a note to their father for Father’s Day. Printable Father’s Day Cards I have really sweet boys who love to do things for my husband and me.  They adore their daddy and these cute Father’s Day cards are easy to print out for them to write or draw a picture of what they love most about dad.  These would also be really cute for a class at church or school, so kids can write a note to their father.  And let’s be honest for a minute, sometimes we just FORGET to buy a card or our spouse (like mine) don’t want us spending money on them.  These Father’s Day cards are perfect and FREE! […]

Lightsaber Popsicles – May the Force Be With You

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What kid doesn’t love lightsabers and popsicles?  When you put them together it makes the perfect combination.  These Lightsaber Popsicles will transform any little kid into a Jedi Master and turn any mom into the best mom around.  (And they’re EASY! Woohoo!) Lightsaber Popsicles Post contains affiliate links These Lightsaber Popsicles sleeves have been the perfect way to keep my boys’ hands warm while eating their popsicles and have also helped us to cut back on the rolls and rolls of paper towel we had been using with my youngest boys since they wouldn’t hold a cold popsicle.  I was browsing around Amazon one night and found these Light Saber Freezer Pop Cozies and thought we could definitely make something similar.  If your kids are like mine, summertime means buying an endless supply of popsicles of one variety or another.  My boys love OtterPops but there are so many different varieties of ice pops that you can buy and freeze. […]

Printable Travel Bingo Cards

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Road trip season is coming and if you are preparing to hit the open road with your family, you will need to bring along some entertainment like these printable travel Bingo cards.  You can probably imagine that traveling with 4 boys isn’t always a walk in the park for me.  In fact, sometimes I feel as though I can’t even make it to the grocery store with my boys without almost losing my mind.    Road trips can get loud and chaotic if I’m not prepared with something for them to do, especially when you are enclosed in a vehicle and you can’t get away from the noise! Printable Travel Bingo Printable Travel Bingo is fun because it can keep kids entertained while they look out the window instead of just staring at a screen the entire time you are driving.  Use candy as the game pieces or laminate your Bingo cards and use a dry-erase marker to keep track of the items that your kids spot. […]

25 Things to Make with Pool Noodles

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Summer is coming and one of my favorite things to do at the beginning of summer is head to the dollar store and stock up on pool noodles. We don’t even have  a pool, but we can always find fun things to make and do with pool noodles.  We’ve shared some fun pool noodle activities in the past, but if you are looking for something fun for the kids to make this summer, check out 25 Things to Make with Pool Noodles. 25 Things to Make with Pool Noodles I love crafts and activities that don’t cost a lot of money.  I think the employees at our local dollar store know me by name by now and they laugh as they see me each summer trying to stuff as many pool noodles into my car as I can fit.  We just have so much fun making things with them and I love seeing the creative ideas that you can find online. I just had to share ideas of things to make with a pool noodle with you and your family so you can join in the fun too! […]

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