Where to Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Online for $1

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Did you hear the news?  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is out on DVD and online.  My boys are ecstatic, since Star Wars is the greatest thing that has ever happened in their eyes.  And I’m excited to share where to watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens online for only $1! Where to Watch Star Wars: The Force Awakens Online My boys love watching movies as a family, but buying all of our favorites can get a bit pricey.  Purchasing just one new release is over $20 and taking our family of 6 out to the theater gets very, very expensive. […]

Yo-kai Watch

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“This post was sponsored by Nintendo as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central.  I received complimentary products to facilitate my review.” This time of year is so busy for our family.  It feels as though we are running non-stop from sports to music lessons to scouts and on top of that, throw in end of school band concerts, Spring Break, school field trips and more and I am one exhausted mama.  My kids get tired as well and sometimes my boys just need some downtime. My boys are always on the lookout for the latest video games for their Nintendo 2DS and they were excited to try out Nintendo’s Yo-Kai watch. Yo-Kai Watch Giveaway […]

LEGO Easter Basket and Egg: Easy LEGO

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Can you believe that Easter is coming already??  We have had Spring Break so I have been trying to find things to occupy my boys so I don’t lose my mind, and easy LEGO challenges are always a hit.  I challenged my boys to make a LEGO Easter Basket and Easter Eggs and they got right to work.    LEGO Easter Basket and Easter Egg I love when my boys use their creativity and LEGO building is one of those things where you can almost see the wheels working in their minds as they create different things.  After challenging my boys to come up with LEGO Easter ideas, I love the LEGO Easter basket and Egg that my son designed.  He is super clever.  I especially love the tiny Easter eggs inside the Easter basket.  So cute! […]

Easy Dinosaur Craft for Kids

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Each of my boys has gone through a dinosaur stage, where they either play with dinosaurs, have to watch dinosaur shows or share thousands of dinosaur facts per day.  We are a dino-loving house!  So naturally a dinosaur craft is right up their alley.  We love this easy Dinosaur Craft for kids to make themself.  Let them get creative with their dinosaur! Dinosaur Craft for Kids Whether you kids like T-Rex or Triceratops, this easy dinosaur craft can be adapted to make their favorite.  We love this Triceratops and had fun making him. Post contains affiliate links […]

Peanuts Movie Printables and Giveaway

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I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider and received The Peanuts Movie Limited Edition Gift Set to facilitate this post.  All thoughts are 100% my own.  When I was young, there wasn’t anything more exciting than finding out that the Peanuts holiday specials would be coming on television soon.  We loved watching the Peanuts gang and all of their antics and I am now love being able to share them with my boys.  We just received the Peanuts movie and we loved it!  So today I am sharing with you some The Peanuts Movie Printables as well as a chance to win your own The Peanuts Movie Limited Edition Gift Set.  If your kids are fans of the Peanuts gang, they will love these The Peanuts Movie printables that include a maze, a fun game that will help snoopy find the Red Baron, a few brain teasers and more that your kids will love! […]

Alien Easter Eggs – Simple Easter Craft for Kids

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We love our annual family Easter egg hunt.  I love getting together with family and my boys love that Grandma spoils them rotten with prizes for the eggs that they find.  Every year we are left with buckets full of plastic eggs. Most of them will go back into the closet to be stored for next year, but sometimes we like to have a little fun and make things like Alien Easter Eggs. Alien Easter Eggs I love making simple crafts with my boys, but I’ll be honest, they don’t always have the patience to do crafts with me. Can anyone relate?  So it takes a fun and simple craft that can be done in minutes to keep their attention.  These Alien Easter Eggs are the perfect Easter craft to do with boys.  They are silly and kids can use their creativity to come up with their own unique aliens.  […]

Thing 1 Hat : Easy Dr Seuss Dress-up Idea

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Need a book character costume in a pinch?  This Thing 1 Hat is the perfect solution! Thing 1 Hat: Easy Dr. Seuss Costume Dr Seuss’ birthday is coming up on March 2nd and that means “Dress Like Your Favorite Book Character” day is coming up for our school as well.  I’m going to put a little confession out there.  Shh..don’t tell our school PTO..or my kids.  I HATE character dress up days! I know hate is such a strong word, but I really do hate them!  Despise them!  Wish they didn’t exist.  I’m just not creative enough to put together a costume that turns my boys into someone else. My mind doesn’t work that way and it seems as though there aren’t that many options for boys.  But…this Thing 1 Hat is the perfect solution!  It’s easy to make and you can just put your kid in a red shirt with the hat, and you are done.   Even if you don’t need it for a costume, this is a fun Dr. Seuss craft to make! […]

Yoda Puppet: Easy Star Wars Craft

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 Star Wars is such a huge hit right now! Your kids will love putting together this really cute Yoda puppet. This is our new favorite Star Wars craft! Yoda Puppet Yoda is a favorite of most Star Wars fans.  Kids and adults can’t help but love the little green Jedi Master.  This Yoda Puppet craft comes complete with his light saber and is awfully cute for a little green guy! Here is how you and your kids can make your own! […]

50 of the BEST Duct Tape Crafts for Kids

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Duct Tape crafts are seriously the coolest!  If there is one craft supply we go through quickly at our house it is Duct Tape.  My boys use it for everything and this summer they are spending hours pouring over Tape it & Make it.(Which is such a fun craft book!) So I decided to put together 50 Duct Tape Crafts that kids can enjoy. Duct Tape Crafts These Duct Tape Crafts can involved children of all ages. […]

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