Summer Day Camp: Indoor Snowman

Today is Day 1 of Su [...]

Summer Day Camp with Kids Crafts

Are your kids complaining of boredom yet? Starting tomorrow I will be participating in a  Summer Day Camp series featuring Kids Crafts from some of my favorite bloggers. I am super excited for my readers to see all the fun day camp style projects we will be showcasing. So check back here tomorrow to see our first post. We will be posting at least one day camp style project every Tuesday through August. Want to meet some of the other day camp instructors? […]

Simple Science: Easy Baking Soda Volcano

When you think about an elementary school science project, what is the first thing that comes to mind?  A baking soda volcano!  I remember making one out of salt dough  and painting it to look awesome and then being amazed when I got to watch it erupt. My boys have had a major case of “I’m Bored” syndrome since school has been out so today I decided to make an easy baking soda volcano.  No salt dough or painting involved.  Just some simple supplies that you probably have around the house. […]

Jake and the Neverland Pirates Suckers

After throwing the Ultimate Sports Party a couple of weeks ago we had another birthday to celebrate.  My now 5-year-old has been wanting a Jake and the Neverland Pirates birthday for a long time.  We mostly celebrated with cousins at the park and then just had a friend over to play on his actual birthday so I made these Jake and the Neverland Pirates Suckers for the two of them. I had made some of these for Valentine’s Day when he brought Pirate Suckers to his class but this time we stuck just to the Jake and the Neverland Pirates theme.  Also, check out his pirate ship cake that I posted this week. […]

Photo Block Pencil Holder

This week I received a box with Mod Podge Washout and Apple Barrel paint which I was so excited to use with my kids.   I love Mod Podge but I don’t normally let my kids use it because of the mess involved but Mod Podge Washout is pretty much the same great formula as Mod Podge gloss but it washes out of clothes with just soap and water, even after it has dried.  Bonus!  That makes it perfect for craft projects at home or school. […]

Indiana Jones Whip made with Duct Tape

Last week we had the fun opportunity to visit some family over Spring Break.  We were invited by my sister-in-law to my nephew’s Indiana Jones birthday party!  She has 3 boys close in ages to my 4 boys and my kids love visiting her house because her backyard is a little boys heaven!  It made the perfect place for an Indiana Jones birthday party adventure.  I’ll be blogging about the party soon, but today I wanted to share the Indiana Jones whip we made for the boys with duct tape. When you think of Indiana Jones you have to picture him with his hat and his whip, right?  These were actually really easy to make with duct tape, because you can make pretty much anything with duct tape, right? […]

Easy Wind Chimes

I’m so excited to share this fun craft with you!  A few years back my husband and I went on a Caribbean cruise and on our different stops I noticed all of the wind chimes made with bamboo but for some crazy reason, I never bought one.  I’ve regretted it ever since.  Not only do I love how this wind chime turned out but I loved using Gemz by Darice to add a bit of “bling”.  This really sparkles in the sun! […]

Why You Will Never Buy Finger Paint Again

Why you will never buy finger paint again Some people consider me crazy when it comes to the types of activities I let my kids do.  For example, Play-doh is a must-have at our house although I know lots of moms that don’t allow it (hello, it entertains for hours!!  And all I have to do is sweep up the floor when they’re done) and all of my boys have gone through a stage where they could have lived in a dirt pile.  So painting with our hands using finger paint is really no big deal around here as long as it is contained to the kitchen. I always loved finger paint as a kid.  There is just something about that squishy goo between your fingers and being able to create something with your hands.  Loved it! Anytime I can make something for less than I can buy it I get excited and plus living in a small town makes it hard to find certain things.  So, when I came across an easy recipe for finger paint in a family cookbook I knew we had to give it a try,  This recipe is so easy that you will never buy finger paint again! […]

Pirate Valentine Suckers

Valentine’s Day is practically here and my boys and I have been busy with our preparations.  They are busy designing and decorating their boxes and I have been busy helping my 4-year-old (or maybe he is helping me) make pirate Valentine suckers for his preschool class. It’s really hard to find anything that is boy related and original at Valentine’s Day.  My older boys wanted to stick with the traditional store-bought valentines taped to candy but my 4-year-old is currently obsessed with Jake and the Neverland Pirates (his obsessions change weekly 🙂 ), so we decided to make pirates out of suckers.  I know, call me crazy! How to Make a Pirate Valentine out of a sucker Supplies Needed: […]

How to Make a Paper Rocket

Every night before bedtime one of my boys asks me what fun thing we will do the next day.  Most days we are too busy running around with sports, scouts and music lessons for too many extras but since they’ve been asking daily, I thought it was time to make something fun and easy. Of course boys are obsessed with anything they can throw or shoot across the room,  (Is it just my boys? ) so making a paper rocket was the perfect craft for them, plus it entertained them for quite awhile (bonus #1).  And since these are small and lightweight, there is no damage done when they go shooting at one of your windows, or into your ceiling fan (because we all know that when they start shooting/throwing stuff it always hits the ceiling fan, so, bonus #2). Paper Rocket Tutorial Supplies you will need: Bendy Straws Glue (I used Elmer’s glue but you could probably use a glue stick.  I just don’t know if it would stick as well.) Tape Paper Pencil […]

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