Baked Pumpkin Spice Donuts

I love everything pumpkin flavored and these Pumpkin Spice Donuts are the perfect treat to welcome Fall this year. Pumpkin Spice Donuts Fall has always been my favorite time of year.  When we moved to the desert a few years back I realized just how much I loved fall because I no longer had it.  We have 3 seasons: hot, really hot and less hot. 🙂  But one of my favorite things about Fall is the smell of pumpkin pie, bread, cookies, etc and so to bring a little bit of Fall into my life I bake treats like Baked Pumpkin Spice Donuts. […]

Balloon Ghosts: Easy Halloween Decorations

We love easy Halloween decorations  that we can make ourselves and most years my boys get busy making fun things out of the craft supplies we have around the house as soon as September hits.  This year, one of the big boys was home sick for the day so we decided to make our favorite Balloon Ghosts because they were dying to have some decorations in the house.  We have shared these before but not the instructions to make them so I thought it was time to add those. Balloon Ghosts : Easy Halloween Decorations I love these ghosts because they can be made in less than 5 minutes.  Now that is the perfect type of Halloween decoration!  You only need 5 supplies to be able to make dozens of these spooky Balloon Ghosts, and most of those supplies can be found around the house or left over from previous birthday parties. […]

Build Your Own Jack-O-Lantern Pancakes

Jack-o-Lantern Pancakes Ok, I admit, I can’t stop making fun breakfast foods for my kids during the holidays.  It’s like some sort of addiction.  Do they have a group called Pancake Makers Anonymous?  Because if so, I may need to join.  Last week I shared Frankenstein pancakes and today I’m sharing our Build your own Jack-o-Lantern pancakes.  […]

Easy Halloween Pumpkin Tutorial

Yesterday I posted about some of the Halloween decorations I have made with my boys and I promised a tutorial of the pumpkins.  They are super cute and SO easy.  I’ve had people asking if we had to stuff them or how they could be easy. All you need is: Rolls of toilet paper and paper towell Halloween fabric Paper bags Green “fuzzy sticks” or pipe cleaner (Whatever they are called in your neck of the woods.) […]

Halloween: Spooky, Funny or Just Plain Scary?

With Halloween only 2 weeks away we’ve been getting out all of our decorations and trying to plan costumes.  Costume planning is definitely getting harder as my boys get older.  The older (and especially the oldest) boys seem to be drawn to any costume with blood and guts hanging out and they KNOW that mama’s not buying that.  But, still they try to persuade the best they can.  Sorry guys. Not going to happen! I haven’t always decorated a lot for Halloween and I tend to use more Fall-like decor, but a couple of years ago my boys had had enough of being boring and we went in search of some fun decorations or crafts (minus anything gory) to put up in the house.  The boys helped me make all sorts of spooky-cool decorations. We made bats… […]

Easy Halloween Haunted House Cake

As I mentioned last week, my son loves to have Halloween-inspired birthday cakes.  This year we made this spider cake, but since Halloween is right around the corner I thought I’d share another easy Halloween cake. Easy Haunted House Cake […]

Easy Spider Cake and Cupcakes

I didn’t get a Monday motivation up yesterday because we were busy celebrating a birthday!!  I seriously can NOT believe how fast my kids are growing up.  They need to stop it!  Since we are now in October, this big guy loves to have Halloween cakes for his birthday.  Later this week I’ll post a couple different Halloween cakes we have done as well, but this year was all about the creepy crawly spiders!  Maybe because he just finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.  Who knows?  But this is what he wanted: […]

Finding Fall: Spider Stew and Witches Hats

One of the biggest things to get used to when we moved to the desert was the fact that we only have 3 seasons, Soarching Hot, Hot, and Not so Hot so naturally the first year we moved here I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.  Moving from the state with “the greatest snow on earth” to a place where snow doesn’t exist was a huge adjustment. As a kid, one of my favorite fall memories was putting on our jackets and spending the day outside raking leaves into a huge pile and then jumping off our porch into the pile.  We would do it over and over again.  There is just something about Fall that I love and miss so much.  There is a tangible feeling in the air when the seasons start to change.  I love the smells, the cool air and brisk nights, pulling out the sweaters and boot and preparing for nights sitting by the fire.   But, we don’t get much of that here.  Trust me, I’ve tried pulling out the boots and sweaters(or at least long sleeves)  this time of year because it just seems like it should be cool, but then the 100 degree heat hits as I walk out the door and it’s back to  shorts and flip flops.  My kids really don’t understand that there are places on the Earth where you can’t wear shorts and flip flops all year round.  🙂 So since we don’t have much of a fall and our leaves don’t change colors or fall off (until sometime in January when the first overnight freeze will hit and they turn brown and gross overnight), I try to recreate Fall in my home through lots of decorating and yummy fall food.  I love making different types of soup, even though we may all sit around the table sweating while we eat it. Last night to kind of kick off the Fall/Halloween season we had Spider Stew and Witches Hats. […]

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