LEGO BrickSwag: LEGO Swag Delivered to Your Door

If you are struggling with what type of gift to give to your older boys, I feel your pain!  Now that I have tween boys, the gift-giving has gotten a lot harder. But I think I have found a solution that will make most boys very happy: LEGO BrickSwag Subscription Box. LEGO BrickSwag Subscription Box We received a LEGO BrickSwag box to try out and my boys are hooked!  Each box comes with an exclusive LEGO-Themed T-shirt, LEGO bricks you keep, Funky Fig Trading Cards, Build Magazine, and more surprises.  […]

BrickSwag Subscription Box Promo Code

I received a BrickSw [...]

Christmas Traditions My Boys Love

We love Christmas!  My boys still get excited about decorating and since having 4 boys, I have started some Christmas traditions that my boys love.  Some even involve their favorite toys: LEGO! I know every family is unique and different and each has a different way of celebrating the holiday season.  For us, some of our traditions have changed with the interests of my boys and some have been traditions going back to when my husband and I were young.  Here are some of the traditions that my boys love and that we try and do every year. […]

Ultimate LEGO Giveaway!

In celebration of my [...]

Legoland Vacation: 10 Tips for Planning Your Trip to Legoland

Thinking about visiting Legoland? Here are 10 Tips for Planning your next Legoland Vacation. As mentioned in my 10 Reasons to Visit Legoland post, we recently returned from Legoland, CA.  Today I am sharing some of the tips and tricks I learned to help you in planning the ultimate Legoland vacation. […]

10 Reasons to Visit Legoland CA

This past week I have been recovering from our family vacation to Southern CA. 🙂  If you have ever traveled for any amount of time with little kids, you know the week after your vacation is all about recuperating from your vacation.  Agree? As promised, this week I will be sharing my favorite things we loved about Legoland and a few tips to make any Legoland vacation “SO MUCH FUN” (words that were repeated and repeated by 4 year old the entire time we were there).  I’ll start today with our  favorite things about Legoland. (This post is in no way compensated.  We just had a great time and I wanted to share. ) […]

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