A Birthday Bash and 3 Lessons I Learned From My Grandpa

Today was my Grandpa’s birthday so naturally we had a party.  There were balloons, cake, singing and Glen’s Great Zesty Trail Drive Goulash (more on that in a minute), but the only thing missing was Grandpa. This is his second birthday we have celebrated since he passed away and I still miss him everyday.   My grandpa was a huge part of my life and my emotions are still close to the surface  but if Grandpa knew that I was sitting around crying over him he’d probably kick me in the rear. So instead, we had a party! I’ve tried to make it a tradition on days like today to celebrate those who have passed on with a recipe that reminds me of them.  Grandpa made up Glen’s Great Zesty Trail Drive Goulash and submitted it into a beef cook-off competition.  He won the “most creative” award. 🙂  It still makes me smile to remember how proud he was of this recipe.  You have to click on the link just so you can read his commentary before and after his recipe.  It might not be a recipe fit for Pinterest but he was always good for a laugh. We looked through a memory book of him, sang happy birthday and had cake, […]

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes Since yesterday was the “official” birthday of my little man I decided to make him something fun, even though we’ve been partying all month long.  I remembered having ice cream cone cupcakes as a kid and loved them! They were actually just as easy as making cupcakes.  All you need is your favorite cake mix, a box of ice cream cones, frosting and sprinkles (if desired, but who wouldn’t want sprinkles?) […]

Angry Birds Birthday Party Games

Angry Birds Birthday Party Games I shared our Angry Birds birthday party food ideas yesterday but when you know you have 15  six-year olds coming to a party you make sure to have lots of Angry Birds birthday party games.  And what Angry Birds party could be complete without a life-size Angry Bird game? My husband painted dodge balls to look like birds and bouncy balls for the pigs. And he made an awesome Angry Birds slingshot to use to shoot the balls at the pigs. Tutorial still to come. We had all of the neighbors save their cardboard boxes for us to use. It was a bit windy so we couldn’t make it as big as we wanted since it kept blowing down.  But the boys had a lot of fun knocking down and building back up this Angry Birds game. […]

Angry Birds Birthday Party

Angry Birds Birthday Party Look who flew in and CRASHED the party!  When my 6 year old wanted an Angry Birds birthday party we knew we could have some fun with it. He was so excited the entire day and since we had lots of 5-6 year olds coming over we knew we needed to have fun Angry Birds Birthday party food.   We had: Angry Birds Pizza,   […]

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