About Us

Welcome to The Joys of Boys! I’m Kara, mom of 4 boys, which also makes me a nurse, referee, taxi driver,teacher, party planner, story teller, barber, dietitian, baker, ATM, maid, personal shopper, jungle gym, coach, puppeteer, motivator and negotiator. Basically I’m exhausted but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I live on our famiy farm in Utah with my family. Life is always an adventure!

About Kara

When I get a moment to myself (ha, ha, that’s a good one) I like to sing, play the piano and guitar and relax with a good book. Having four boys has made me realize that life doesn’t always go as planned, children don’t always act the way we would hope and houses definitely do not stay put together for very long. But, I’ve learned over the years that spontaneity can be fun, children’s mood swings can lead to patient mommies (I have learned that one the hard way) and messy houses can be a sign of memories in the making (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

The Blog

I started this blog as a way to share ideas designed just for my boys. I share stories of my crazy life in a house full of boys as well as crafts, activities, fun food, party ideas, science projects, travel tips, our favorite products and more And I throw in a bit of inspiration for moms because, let’s face it, raising busy, noisy, energetic boys can be a bit overwhelming. Let me show you around! Here are just a few of our favorite categories. Check out the rest of our categories HERE.