Things Moms of ALL Boys Want You To Know

I’ve been an all-boy mom now for over 14 years and now that my youngest son is going on 6 years old, it is very clear to me and should be pretty clear to those who know me, that 4 kids was and is my limit! Done! Enough is enough. Baby factory is closed. But here’s the thing. Because all of my kids happen to be the same gender, (4 boys!) and that gender is different than MY gender, people just can’t wrap their head around the idea that I am completely content being a forever “boymom” and that I’m not planning on having more kids. I could write a book about some of the inconsiderate , rude,  silly things people have said to me regarding my family. Maybe I WILL get around to writing that book someday when my days are no longer spent sniffing out strange smells in bedrooms and cleaning urine off the bathroom ceiling. (kidding…kind of). But for now, here are some things that us moms of all boys want you to know. […]

The Last of the Firsts: From Baby to Boy

My baby started Kindergarten.  I’m not sure how that is possible since he was born last week, but as I watched him get on the school bus, I realized it was really happening. That first day was quiet. Too quiet.  And then it hit me. Everything he experiences for the first time, will be a last for our family. The last first tooth lost. The last first day of Kindergarten. The last first day of swim lessons. The last of the firsts. […]

How to Get “ME” Time When You Have a House Full of Kids

Who else loves a little “me” time? As a mom of four boys, having time away from the chaos is so essential. I used to hide in my closet or linger a little extra in the car when I’d been to the store, but as my kids get older, I’m able to get out more and have some real “me” time. How to Get “Me” Time When You Have Kids I love to spend some time out with my friends. “Me” time for me means just getting out of the house kid free. My friends and I don’t get together as often as we would like, but surrounding myself with my amazing friends, is my favorite way to take a break from mom duties. […]

25 Ways to Get Out of a Rut: Motivation for Moms

Let’s just put this out there, Motherhood is EXHAUSTING! Whether your are a mom to one or 10, there are always days where we have given so much that our energy and drive is completely gone. The daily mundane tasks that go into taking care of kids and a home can leave us feeling on empty. If you are struggling to feel “normal” or to enjoy your life, there’s a good chance you are in a mommy rut. We all love our kids and family, but there is only so much we can give before we need to refuel. If you’re feeling low, here are 25 ways to get out of a rut! 25 Ways to Get Out of a Rut […]

15 Ways to Embrace Being a Mom of All Boys

The day I became a mom was one of the happiest (and most terrifying) days of my life.  That sweet little boy grew up before my eyes and was followed by a baby brother…and then another…and then ANOTHER! 4 boys!  How on earth did I become a mom to 4 boys? My entire life I had planned on having at least one daughter. But, God had other plans. And here I was, the mother of 4 boys. I had a choice to make. I could either feel sad and mourn the daughter I would never have, or I could learn to embrace being a mom of all boys. There was a period of sadness, and it still creeps in every once in awhile (watching others do mommy/daughter things together can be HARD!), but my life is one that I wouldn’t change and being a mom to 4 boys has been and will forever be the one of the things that brings me the most joy.  Right up there with my marriage to their daddy! 🙂 So while I think it is normal to feel some sadness if you had always hoped for having a daughter, there are so many great ways that you can embrace being a mom of all boys. 15 Ways to Embrace Being a Mom of All Boys […]

Mom of ALL Boys BINGO

Are you a mom of all boys?  What is the craziest thing someone has said to you? See if you can get BINGO with our Mom of ALL Boys BINGO card below. Mom of ALL Boys BINGO I remember when I found out I was having my first boy. I had known, or at least felt very strongly, that I was having a boy. It just felt right, and everyone was thrilled when the ultrasound confirmed it. […]

Baby Products You DON’T need!

Every new mom faces the challenge of sifting through aisle after aisle of baby products and wondering just which ones she should get.  Nobody wants to waste money on baby products that you don’t need.  So how do you know what baby products to get?  According to moms, these are the Baby Products you DON’T need. Baby Products You DON’T Need […]

Best Baby Products According to Experienced Moms

If you are a mom or soon-to-be mom, I know you’ve experienced baby product overload.  Every company has the latest and greatest new product and you may find yourself in a heap of tears as you try to put together a baby registry of items you think you might need. You might ask yourself, “What DO I actually NEED for this baby?”  I’ve asked experienced moms what their favorite “can’t-live-without” baby products are and here is our list of the Best Baby Products New Moms Actually Need, according to moms. Baby Products New Moms Actually Need I asked the moms in my Moms of Boys Facebook community to tell me what their must-have, absolute favorite baby products are/were and I’ve been wishing I had this list before I had my boys.  There are some amazing products to help you in those early days/weeks/months of having your new little one at home.  Don’t feel as though you need to have ALL of these but this list will give you some good suggestions to look into. […]

The Serious Pregnancy Complication You’ve Never Heard Of

Placenta Accreta is a serious pregnancy complication that most people have never heard of.  After experiencing Placenta Accreta with my 4th baby, I feel the need to educate other moms to trust their instincts if they feel something is not right with their pregnancy. Placenta Accreta: The Serious Pregnancy Complication You’ve Never Heard of I was never one to have “easy” pregnancies.  In fact, after my third son was born prematurely, I wasn’t sure if I could emotionally handle another difficult pregnancy.  When we decided to have one more child, I was expecting bed-rest and even weekly injections to keep him growing as long as possible.  What I wasn’t expecting was to have a dangerous pregnancy complication that could have ended my life.  Most people have never heard of Placenta Accreta, but I’ve been feeling very strongly that I needed to share my story to help educate expecting moms and also to encourage them to follow their intuitions regarding their pregnancies.  This post isn’t meant to scare anyone and this condition is very rare, but if I can help even one mom, than I need to share my experience. […]

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