I’ve been an all-boy mom now for over 14 years and now that my youngest son is going on 6 years old, it is very clear to me and should be pretty clear to those who know me, that 4 kids was and is my limit! Done! Enough is enough. Baby factory is closed.

But here’s the thing. Because all of my kids happen to be the same gender, (4 boys!) and that gender is different than MY gender, people just can’t wrap their head around the idea that I am completely content being a forever “boymom” and that I’m not planning on having more kids.

I could write a book about some of the inconsiderate , rude,  silly things people have said to me regarding my family. Maybe I WILL get around to writing that book someday when my days are no longer spent sniffing out strange smells in bedrooms and cleaning urine off the bathroom ceiling. (kidding…kind of).

10 Things Moms of ALL Boys Want You to Know

But for now, here are some things that us moms of all boys want you to know.

  1. We’re okay!  No really.  We are better than okay.
    We love life with our little mud-makers.   People assume that we spend our days pining for the daughter we never had, but seriously, we’re good!  There may have been some initial sadness when we realized we wouldn’t have a daughter (and that’s not even true for all boy-mamas) and at times that sadness may creep back in (and that’s okay and normal too), but life with boys is beautiful.  Beautiful… and messy…and loud…and really exhausting.  But we wouldn’t change it for the world!
  2. No, we’re not sorry and you shouldn’t be either.
    I can’t tell you how many people have seen me out with my family and shaken their head and uttered the words, “I’m sorry.”  Really? Sorry for what?  That I have 4 healthy, cool kids that make me laugh and tell me I’m pretty and that they love me every.single.day?  Those boys spoil me with compliments and hugs that I don’t always deserve.  So, yes I’m raising boys, and NO I’m not sorry. Don’t offer moms of boys condolences based on the fact that their children exist, please.  It’s just not cool.
  3. Boys love their mamas with an intensity that can’t be described. Instead of being sorry, you should be jealous. 😉 I get more hugs and “I love you’s” in one day than most people get in a lifetime. I’m that lucky!
  4. Don’t tell us “A son is a son ’til he gets a wife, but a daughter is a daughter all her life.” You might get punched in the nose.  You’ve been warned.  Who came up with that saying anyways?
  5. Please stop asking if we are going to “try” for a girl.  1.  It’s none of your business. 2. Even if we wanted another baby, last time I checked there’s still a 50/50 chance of getting a boy or girl and with my track record, the odds of having a girl are not in my favor.
  6. And once you find out a mom of all boys is pregnant, don’t say that you will pray that it’s a girl.  The sex of the baby is already decided!  Pray for a healthy baby and pregnancy because those are the things that matter most.
  7. Stop making assumptions about our boys.  No two children are alike.  And no two boys are alike.
  8. If you find out you are pregnant with a girl, you can tell us!  We will be happy for you!  Every baby is a blessing.
  9. We are exhausted. I know some people hate the saying, “Boys will be boys”, and with good reason (it should never be used to excuse inappropriate behavior), but when it comes to boys and their inherent nature to be rowdy and busy, Boys WILL be boys!  They are busy and exhausting and have SO MUCH ENERGY!  And we are exhausted. If you see our eyes glaze over during a conversation or we nod off during church, just know there’s a good chance that we haven’t had a break in days!
  10. We’re doing our best!  Our boys didn’t come with an instruction manual. We see your looks when our boys are acting “boyish”, you know, tackling each other or trying to “fly”.  Take a deep breath.  I promise, we know when they are starting to take things too far and we’ll reel them back in as necessary. Some of us didn’t grow up with many boys around.  We’re learning on-the-job. So although our boys may be rowdy at times, we’re doing our best to teach them to be kind, compassionate and well-behaved. Some days we thrive and somedays we fail. But we’re doing our best!

But most importantly, know that we’ve got this. Our boy-mama tribe is strong. We support each other. We just “get” each other and are there to see each mama succeed.

So next time you see a mom of all boys out with her family, just give a smile and instead of feeling sorry, think about just how lucky that mom truly is.

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10 Things moms of all boys want you to know

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