Do you ever get tired of trying to get your boys to open up and tell you about their day?

Or do you wonder, like most good moms of boys I know, if they are learning the type of communication skills that they will need to be successful?

Maybe you just want to build a stronger relationship with them.

Mother Son journal is just what you need!

This Mother Son journal full of prompts that will help a mother bond with her son.

Mother Son Journal: Build a Strong Relationship with Your Son

My boys come home from school at the same time everyday and it seems like we have the SAME conversation:

Me: “How was your day?” 

Boys: “Fine”

And off they run to do much more important things than talk to their mom.

I heard my friend talking about how she had used a Mother/Son journal with one of her boys and how much fun they were having interacting with one another. I knew I wanted to try that to! Once I started using a Mother Son journal I was surprised at how my boys would write things that they probably would have NEVER said to me. Plus we had a great time learning about each other!

This Mother Son Journal… will help you strengthen your relationship with your son!

This Mother Son journal full of prompts that will help a mother bond with her son.

You can choose how much time you want to spend on the journal each week. Or let your son set the pace. It’s up to you! Plus, this mother son journal has a fun certificate at the end so you get to reward yourselves with a treat or special activity when it is complete. I love that!  It gives boys a bit of an incentive to want to work through the book with you and gives you both something fun to look forward to.

How Does a Mother Son Journal work?

It’s easy! Find a question you want your son to answer, or let him choose one for you, and pass the journal back and forth answering the questions as they come. There is even a section in the back where you can ask anything! You never know what types of questions your son may have for you so be ready to be surprised! And, you will LOVE reading each other’s answers.

How to Use a Mother Son Journal

Step 1: Get your Mother/Son Journal here.

Step 2: Fill out the About Us section and don’t forget to include a picture of the two of you together.Build a strong relationship with your son with this mother son journal.

Step 3: Decide if you want to start at the beginning of the book and work through to the end, or pick and choose the questions that you want to hear most about. Just keep track of your place with a bookmark.

Bond with your son with this Mother Son journal

Step 4: Decide on a timeline. How often do you plan to pass the book back and forth? Every day? Every other day? once/week? There isn’t a right or wrong answer. Just whatever works for you.

Step 5: Once the book is complete, fill out your certificate at the back and treat yourselves to something fun.Mother Son Journal


Once the Mother Son journal is complete, you have a wonderful keepsake that you will love looking back at over the years.

I love that there is a spot to put a current picture of the two of you together. Time goes by SO quickly and a few years down the road it will be so fun to look back at the time spent working through your Mother Son journal.

Not only is a Mother Son journal a fun way to bond, but it is also great for:

  • Improving your son’s handwriting skills (Boys tend to STRUGGLE with handwriting!)
  • Helping your son build strong communication skills
  • Letting you know what is going on inside your son’s mind (He may write things he would never tell you.)

As a mom of 4 boys, I often find myself wondering if I am doing enough to prepare them to go out into the world. I am also seeing just how very quickly time goes by. I only have a few more years with all of my boys under one roof. Am I doing enough? Am I building the type of relationship that I had hoped to have so that my boys will want to come to me to help them through the challenges that are ahead of them?

It’s never too late to start building a strong relationship with your son.

Life is busy and it can seem hard to keep up but, as the years go by, one thing we will never regret is the time invested in loving and bonding with our sons.

 Grab your Mother/Son Journal HERE!


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