If there is one thing I want more than anything, it is a good relationship with my sons. As my kids get older, there are some things I’m doing now to build that rock-solid relationship with my boys. Here are several meaningful ways you can do the same!

Ways to Build a Relationship with your son

5 Meaningful Ways to Build a Rock-Solid Relationship With Your Son

Listen to your son

Building a relationship with your son comes down to you listening to him. Don’t just talk at him, but let him speak. Let him tell you what is in his heart. Just by spending that time listening to him, you’re building up a bond that will last throughout his life. Don’t be too busy to really hear the things he is wanting to tell you when he is young, or he won’t come to you when he is older.

Enjoy those small moments

There is nothing better than enjoying the small moments you get with your son. A small moment might be eating breakfast together every morning. Another small moment may mean going on a walk together after dinner. All these small moments build up to create wonderful moments your son will never forget. It also adds up to help you build a rock-solid relationship with your son.

Write your son a note

This works better when your son can read. A simple love note to your son can help build up that relationship with him. It’s amazing how kids LOVE to hear what their parents think of them. You’re their world, occasionally, write a note telling them they are your world. Those notes may not seem like they mean anything, but they are important words of affirmation.

Create traditions together

I have great memories of doing special things with both of my parents growing up. Those memories are so important to the development of a child, especially your son. A tradition could be getting up early and going out for breakfast on the last day of school or making cookies every time it rains. You could even make a tradition of serving at a soup kitchen or visiting a rest home. The traditions you build with your children will never be forgotten.

Spend one-on- one time with him

If you have multiple children, finding the time to spend one-on- one with them can be difficult. Make the time to spend quality alone time with each of your children. If you can’t go out very often, just keep things simple and play a board game at home, or watch their favorite movie together. Mother and son date nights are so much fun and don’t have to be complicated!

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Any relationship that is going to be successful needs nurturing. Follow these tips to start building a rock-solid relationship with your son. You don’t need to be a perfect mom, but your son deserves to be treated specially by you. All this time you put into your mother-son relationship now will pay off later down the road.

What meaningful ways do you try and build a rock-solid relationship with your son? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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