Do you want to raise happy, confident boys AND keep your sanity?

How would it feel to spend more time enjoying your son…
and less time figuring out how to raise him?

Ahh, the joys of boys.

  • You question yourself, “Am I screwing him up? Am I failing him?”
  • You try to figure out how you’ll raise a boy so he grows up with confidence and kindness.
  • You’re uncertain how to build a strong, but not smothering, relationship with your son.
  • And then there are those days … you lose your cool then feel like a monster.

I’m excited to introduce you to…

 The Joys of Boys Club!

The Joys of Boys Club is a membership for moms and caretakers of boys to connect with each other to:

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The Joys of Boys Club

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Nothing prepares you to raise these lovable and exhausting humans called boys, but the Joys of Boys Club Membership can help!

We know there are joys in boys, and we know there are times when the joy is hidden underneath exhaustion, impatience and overwhelm.

Full of personal support, moms-of-boys camaraderie, and exclusive resources, The Joys of Boys Club Membership helps you be the BEST, and happiest, mom you can be.

All the resources you need & support you want are in ONE place.

“We all lose our cool some days and think “these are the children of Satan!” but then they do something that warms our hearts and we realize, they are absolutely wonderful… the love and joy of our lives. We all mess up … that’s okay, as long as we can talk about it.”
~ Katharine C.

The Joys of Boys Club

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Hi, I’m Kara Lewis, mom of four boys and founder of The Joys of Boys. Through my website, I’ve connected with thousands of moms all over the globe who love their children and desperately want to do what’s best for their sons. 

My boys are my heart and soul, and yes, raising boys can be challenging, but the love my boys have for my husband and me and the bond they have with each other, makes even our most challenging moments all worth it.   

I invite you to join us inside The Joys of Boys Club.

“I have the amazing opportunity to raise strong, respectful, caring, kind, and hardworking men. Without my boys, I would not have that opportunity and this world needs more men that were raised right. That is how I embrace being a boy mom.”- Felicia M.