With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, save yourself a trip to the store (and some $$) and check out these 25 Printable Valentines for Boys.

Printable Valentines for Boys

25 Printable Valentines for Boys

If your boys are like mine, they aren’t really into the cutesy, lovey side of Valentine’s Day.  That is why I went searching for some valentines that my boys would love to pass out. I searched high and low and love this list of printable Valentines for boys!  I hope your kids love it too!

Star Wars Valentines
1.Star Wars Valentines  | The Force is definitely strong with these Valentines!  And I LOVE the light saber treats!
2. Paper Plane Valentines | What boy wouldn’t love these paper airplane Valentines!  How fun!
3. Out of This World Valentines | If your kids love outer space, these are a lot of fun. I also love the erasers that you could put with them.
4. Printable Sports Valentines | My boys LOVE sports and would love these sports valentines!
5. Race Car Valentines | So, so cute! I love that they include a matchbox car.

6. Avengers Valentines | Avengers assemble! If your kids love superheroes, these Avenger valentines are perfect!
7. I Spy Valentine | I love the magnifying glass!  So fun!
8. Dinomite Valentines with Dinosaurs | These Dino Valentines are Dinomite!
9. Love Bug Valentines |My boys would love the creepy crawly bugs on these valentines.
10. Glow Stick Valentine | Every kid loves glow sticks!

Minecraft Valentines Day Cards
11. Printable Minecraft Valentines | My boys are OBSESSED with Minecraft!  These are perfect!
12. Toad-ally Awesome Valentines | Cute, cute!  These are great for boys.
13. Ninja Turtle Valentines Printable | I think most boys go through a Ninja Turtle phase. If you have a TMNT fan at your house, they need these!
14. Happy Camper Valentines | My boys love camping and beg to go year round. Love these Happy camper valentines!
15. Outer Space Valentines |Another fun space valentine idea!

LEGO Valentines
16. Lego Valentines | These would be fun to pair with a small bag of LEGOs or some LEGO shaped candy!
17. Eye on You Valentine | These are definitely unique!
18. Zombie Valentines | HA!  These are so funny…and creepy. All the things little boys would love.
19. You Make My Heart Race Valentine | These are another fun idea with race cars!  Love it!
20. Daniel Tiger Valentines | These are so fun for little boys. My youngest would love them!

Mustache Valentines
21. Mustache Valentines | Ha!  I love the suckers. These would definitely be a hit with the kids.
22. Wheelie Valentines | Cute! These are great if your kids love cars!
23. Printable Dinosaur Valentines | My youngest LOVES dinosaurs!
24. You Make My Heart Soar Valentine | Love these airplane valentines!
25. “Dino-Mite” Dinosaur Valentines – These Dinosaur Valentines are “DINO-MITE”!! Every kids would love these!

Printable dinosaur valentines. You're a Dino-mite friend Valentines. Just add a plastic dinosaur.


I hope you love this list of Printable Valentines for Boys! Do you have a favorite?

25 Printable Valentines for Boys

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