As I have mentioned in other posts, it can be difficult to find “boy-approved” Valentines that my boys are okay with passing out in class.  These Avengers Valentines can be printed from home and have enough boy-appeal that my boys are excited to share them with friends.

Avengers Valentines

Printable Avengers Valentines

Valentine’s Day is always fun around here.  I love doing little things to make the day special for my boys and we get excited about making their Valentine boxes and finding just the right Valentines to pass out.  One of my boys is loving the Star Wars Valentines that we shared last week.  And my youngest is excited for these Avengers Valentines.
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Get you Avengers Valentines download here:

My boys love super heroes and the Avengers are some of our favorites.  I’ve made it easy for your to print out as many of these Avengers Valentines as you need for your child’s class: Avengers Valentines.

Halloween Game Bundle

We were able to find some Avengers Valentine Candy that we are including with our cards, or you could opt for some fun Avenger toys, such as these Avengers Party Favors if you want to go the no-candy route.  Either way I’m sure kids will love to get these Avengers Valentines and you can almost guarantee that your child with have the most “Super” Valentine’s Day ever.

I also searched the internet high and low for more “Boy-approved” Valentines and came up with this list of 40 Valentines Your Boys Will Love.  I know some people feel as though Valentine’s Day is too commercial, but I think Valentine’s Day is a great time to show a little extra love to our family members and I try to do little things to make it a good day for my boys and husband.    Plus, they are pretty good at spoiling me with hugs and compliments.  One of the benefits of being a mom of boys. 🙂  If you’re lacking in ideas, here are 20 Valentine’s Day gifts for boys, your little (or big) guys will love.

Avengers Valentines

Get you Avengers Valentines download here:

I hope you love these Avenger Valentines!  Which Avenger is your favorite? 

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