Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means moms everywhere will be scrambling to find just the right Valentines for their kids to pass out to friends. My boys don’t like sharing anything too lovey-dovey so I’m always trying to find Valentines that are “boy-approved!” These Out of this World Valentines are perfect!  Pair them with a fun eraser and you have the perfect Valentine gift for kids.

Out of This World ValentinesOut of This World Valentines

Valentine’s Day tends to sneak up on me and there have been years where I am left scrambling to find valentines for my boys to pass out to their class members at school.  I used to be so on top of life!  What happened? Adding 4 boys into my life really messed up my ability to get everything done!  If you’ve ever found yourself in that type of pickle, printable Valentines are the way to go!!

My boys love anything related to outer space and these Out of This World Valentines are so “cool”.  And the best part is…They are FREE!  Just sign up below and these will be delivered to your inbox where you can print as many as you need to give out to your child’s class.

Out of This World Valentines

And if you are feeling crafty, make some fun erasers out of eraser clay (Did you know there was such a thing? I didn’t either!). Just modify them a bit and make aliens instead of monsters (although the “monsters” we made could pass for aliens as well.) The erasers are a fun alternative to treats if your class doesn’t allow them or if you are looking for something non-sugary.

Out of This World Valentines

Do your children give out Valentines in class? What type of Valentine are they hoping to hand out this year?

Your son will also love these printable Valentines for boys:

I’ve searched high and low and compiled the coolest, most amazing printable valentines boys will love that I could find. My boys have never liked anything that had to do with lovey-dovey mushy things. So I hand-picked these because I knew they would pass my boy’s test.

Check out these Printable Valentines for Boys

25 Printable Valentines for Boys

And I also found several other Boy-approved Valentines that your kids might like as well. These are so fun and very creative!!

Check out these 40 Boy-Approved Valentines.

Valentines for boys


And does your school allow your kids to bring in a Valentine’s Box? We have had a lot of fun over the years creating, cutting, pasting, and glueing the coolest Valentine boxes! I won’t lie. The purple minion is my favorite! But there is definitely something for every kid on this list!

See all of our Boy-Approved Valentine’s Day boxes HERE:

Valentine Boxes for boys

And have you decided what gift you will be giving TO your son for Valentine’s Day? There are so many fun and clever things on this list:


Valentine’s Day Gifts for BoysValentine's Day Gifs for Boys