I am always on the lookout for fun products that my kids can use to create things.  Did you know that you can buy Eraser clay? I had no idea! You can use eraser clay to make any sort of eraser you want, but we love these Monster Erasers!

Monster Erasers

Monster Erasers

My boys are always wanting to buy fun pencils, pencil toppers or other miscellaneous school supplies from their student store.  Most everything is a rip-off, slightly overpriced ;),  so I thought it would be fun to show how to make your own pencil toppers using eraser clay.  You really could make any design under the sun, but these monster erasers just seemed like something my boys would like.

Monster Erasers

How to Make an Eraser

Items needed:

You can easily make any eraser using eraser clay.  Just choose a design, mold it and bake according to the directions on the package.

To make Monster Erasers, mold some clay into a ball to whatever size you want your monster to be.

Cut out a hole at the bottom of the clay ball and use a pencil to shape the clay to fit the top of your pencil.

Cut small pieces to design the faces of your Monster Erasers.  This is the best part!  Kids can get as creative as they want to design the perfect monster. You can add silly faces, spiky hair or if you are really good, make some glasses, bow ties and other accessories.  The possibilities are endless.

Once your monster is complete, bake according to the directions on your package.  Directions may vary slightly by package.

Then your Monster Erasers are ready to use.

Check out our video showing how we made these Monster Erasers:

You can pick up some eraser clay here:

Sculpey Eraser Clay Kit

If you make some erasers, send me a pic! I can’t wait do see what you and your kids create.

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