My boys are always on the lookout for the perfect Valentines to give their friends at school. Valentine’s day is a fun time for kids to give and receive Valentines and I prefer to look for unique and fun Valentines, instead of buying generic ones at the store. These Printable Dinosaur Valentines will be a hit with your child’s friends.

Printable dinosaur valentines. You're a Dino-mite friend Valentines. Just add a plastic dinosaur.

Dinosaur Valentines

V-day is coming! Are you the type of person who plans ahead, or do you run to the store last-minute and try to scramble to find a the perfect Valentines for your kids to send out at school.

Trust me. If that describes you, I have been in your shoes!!

So let me make things easy on you. These Dinosaur Valentines are free and you can print them from the comfort of your own home. What could be better than that? So, don’t stress. I’ve got your back. 🙂

Every single one of my boys has gone through a dinosaur phase where EVERYTHING they wore, played with or ate (Can you say Dino-nuggets?)  had to have a Dinosaur or it just wasn’t going to work for them.

If you have a Dinosaur fan in your home, these Dinosaur Valentines are “Dino-mite!” (See what I did there? )

Printable, free Dinosaur Valentines. You're Such a Dino-mite friend Valentines.

Printable Dinosaur Valentines

I love that these are easy to print out and also are different from the loads of candy that other kids will be passing out. Not that I’m a candy-hater. They just get PLENTY!

And what kid wouldn’t love going home with a new dinosaur friend. These are easy, cheap and will be a big hit with the friends at school.

Before you start, download and print the Dinosaur Valentines here:

Materials Needed to Make Dinosaur Valentines:

  • Print the Dinosaur Valentine Printable. (best printed on white cardstock)
  • Small dinosaur toys (There are some on Amazon HERE. You may even be able to find some at your local dollar store if you are lucky.)
  • Striped Bakers Twine – I love using a variety of colors, but you can use any color you want.
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Hot Glue

 Mini Dinosaur ToysMini Dinosaur Toys Bakers TwineBakers Twine White Card StockWhite Card Stock

  1. Download and print out the Dinosaur Valentine Printable above.
  2. Next, use scissors to cut along the outer edge of the colored square border on each valentine.
  3. Place a dab of hot glue on the section of the dinosaur that will touching the paper and press it down. Allow it to dry for a few minutes. (The hot glue will peel off and not damage the dinosaur)
  4. Use the hole punch to punch a hole through the paper above and below the dinosaur.
  5. Last, just run a string through the holes in the paper and tie a bow in the front around the dinosaur. 

Easy Dinosaur Valentines

Printable dinosaur valentines. You're a Dino-mite friend Valentines. Just add a plastic dinosaur.

It’s that easy! Your child can take their dinosaur valentines to school and pass them out. I love having my kids write each person’s name on them if their teacher allows them to do that. It is a great way to get them to practice spelling and hand-writing.

But if not, just make sure they have enough for each person in their class or friend from school that they are wanting to give them to. I also throw an extra in for the teacher because my boys always LOVE giving their teacher a little something as well. And we all know how DINO-MITE our teachers are!

Printable dinosaur valentines. You're a Dino-mite friend Valentines. Just add a plastic dinosaur.

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