Who else loves a little “me” time? As a mom of four boys, having time away from the chaos is so essential. I used to hide in my closet or linger a little extra in the car when I’d been to the store, but as my kids get older, I’m able to get out more and have some real “me” time.

Tips to Get ME Time

How to Get “Me” Time When You Have Kids

I love to spend some time out with my friends. “Me” time for me means just getting out of the house kid free. My friends and I don’t get together as often as we would like, but surrounding myself with my amazing friends, is my favorite way to take a break from mom duties.

I love moms that moms are all unique and we all have our own version of  “me” time. I asked the moms in our Moms of Boys Community how they get in their “me” time and this is what they said.

Christina C.: Single mom SO the only me time I get is my 5-minute shower and that’s only if I can get my niece and nephew to watch the boys for a few minutes. Although when dad was still with us he wasn’t big on watching the kids unless I had to work so my ME time then was the drive to work and home.

Unique A.: I take a nice long shower. Sometimes even 2. On those days, I bathe the first shower and the second I simply stand and let the warm water hit my back for 20 minutes? it’s paradise!! My husband sometimes teases me and says, “Where did you go tonight? Hawaii?”

Kelly W: Now that my boys are older, 12, 16 & 17, they are getting better at respecting mom’s space. I have an autoimmune disorder and often jut need to rest. I will tell my boys that I need to go rest and I go in my room and close the door and go to sleep. They just chill out in their room or play Xbox until I wake up. Sometimes they even come check on me to make sure I’m ok.  They are such sweethearts. When they were little, I attended a local MOPS group. They got to play with other kiddos and I got mommy time and got to speak to adults, lol. Win for everyone!!!

Tricia C: These days, with three boys under 6, I find myself focusing more on exercise. Before I could exercise with my stroller, and then use my “me” time for reading, but now the very little I do get is typically spent exercising.

I loved all the answers! It sounds like some moms get their time in the shower and other moms get to leave the house. Some moms have more freedom because their boys are older. However you look at it, moms need their “me” time anytime they can get it. How do you get some “me” time in?

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