Every new mom faces the challenge of sifting through aisle after aisle of baby products and wondering just which ones she should get.  Nobody wants to waste money on baby products that you don’t need.  So how do you know what baby products to get?  According to moms, these are the Baby Products you DON’T need.

baby products you don't need

Baby Products You DON’T Need

I remember being a new mom and not knowing exactly what I should purchase for my son.  Some things became very useful and some were a waste of money.  I have asked my Moms of Boys Facebook community for advice and last week they shared the Best Baby Products According to Experienced moms.  This week we’re telling you what baby products you don’t need.  (But keep in mind, there was some overlap in these lists.  Each moms has a different experience, but hopefully this list will help you decide what to get and what to put back on the shelf.

1.Wipes Warmer – This made our “must-have” list as well as the “don’t need” list so you’ll have to use your best judgement on this one.

Baby products you don't need

Here are the reasons moms said to leave the wipe warmer behind:

I bought 2. One for upstairs and 1 for downstairs. Didn’t use either of them at all.” Amy G.

“We thought we had to have one & probably used it 3 times…” Adriane H.

“The diaper warmer dried out the wipes.” Ashley G.

2. Diaper Pail – I had a generic diaper pail when my oldest was born and I agree that you just don’t need one.  Take the stinky diapers out to the garbage so their room doesn’t smell.

Baby products you don't need

This is what moms had to say:

“It was really dumb when it stinks anyways, so we always just took out the diapers to the big garbage can.” Theresa B.

“The Diaper Genie was a total waste of money and unnecessary.” Christina Y.

“Diaper Genie(after a few uses it stunk…and buying bags were an added cost” Amy S.

3. MamarooI had never heard of this one!

Baby products you don't need.

“Baby only used it for the first 30 days”  Tanya A.

“My son hated the one I got him.” Linda-lou S.

4. Silicon Suction Mats

Baby products you don't need

We put it on the table once and he ripped it right off. Worthless. We used the plastic throw away adhesive ones after that.  Megan B.

“… they aren’t supposed to be pushed off. Screw non slip…I need something that can’t be thrown!” Elizabeth B.

5. Burp Rags

Baby products you don't need

Cloth diapers were so much cheaper and thicker and worked so much better.” Lacey B.

“I used the diapers for wipes, wash cloths, burp rags….they are gentle and inexpensive, I cut some in fourths.” Jennifer M.

6. Changing Table – I will admit, I loved mine.  I have a bad back so changing on the floor or other lower areas wasn’t an option, but several moms didn’t use theirs.

Baby products you don't need

“I was more comfortable changing my children on the bed.” Diana L. 

“I change my twins on the floor, or the couch.” Crystal K.

“Didn’t need one! It’s easier to just change baby wherever you/they are.” Carrie C.

“Yeah I just use a pad on the dresser in my baby room. It is he right height and functional.” Nancy K. 

Yes! I got a crib with one attached and it was just used for storage. Shawnda W.

Other Baby Products You Don’t Need According to Moms:

Baby bath tub….only used it once….much easier to bathe him in the sink and then the tub once he outgrew it…also bassinet complete waste of time and money for me….he never would sleep in it.” Jennifer M.

Bottle rack. My son uses two bottles and they are always clean. Easier and less clutter.” Sara N.

“A baby sling from one of the places you get it free but pay shipping. I ordered (measured correctly) one in 1 size larger and it was still too small and odd to use. I got a ring sling instead and it was awesome.” Nancy K.

“Gowns. Thought it would be great to not have to snap outfits with my twins. They had temp regulation issues at first being premies. Concept great but not practical for us.” Nichole N.

Now if you favorite baby product made this list of baby products you don’t need, no worries.  Every mom and every baby is different.  These are solely based on the experiences of the moms in my Moms of Boys community.  Let me know in the comments if you couldn’t live without these products.  I love hearing what works for different moms!

Is there a baby product that you can add to this list of Baby Products You Don’t Need? 

Baby products you don't need

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