If you are a mom or soon-to-be mom, I know you’ve experienced baby product overload.  Every company has the latest and greatest new product and you may find yourself in a heap of tears as you try to put together a baby registry of items you think you might need. You might ask yourself, “What DO I actually NEED for this baby?”  I’ve asked experienced moms what their favorite “can’t-live-without” baby products are and here is our list of the Best Baby Products New Moms Actually Need, according to moms.

Best Baby Products

Baby Products New Moms Actually Need

I asked the moms in my Moms of Boys Facebook community to tell me what their must-have, absolute favorite baby products are/were and I’ve been wishing I had this list before I had my boys.  There are some amazing products to help you in those early days/weeks/months of having your new little one at home.  Don’t feel as though you need to have ALL of these but this list will give you some good suggestions to look into.

Wraps/Slings to Carry Baby

I only had one baby carrier that I purchased about 12 years ago when my oldest was born, and let me just say, baby wraps and slings have come a LONG way!  I hated mine and rarely used it, but these recommended baby wraps make me want to snuggle up to a baby.

Moby baby wrap

The top recommended wraps and slings were:

Here’s what moms had to say about their favorite baby carriers:

“When my son was younger he had tons of gas. The way his legs were positioned in the Moby wrap always helped relieve it. Not to mention the skin to skin contact which helped him gain weight & boost my milk supply! I would have never have gotten any housework done without it! Now he’s a bit bigger we use the Ergo and if it weren’t for that thing I would have never been able to pack up and move!” – Joanne R.

“Moby wrap! I love wearing my little squishes and they love it, too! Wearing babies keeps them close to you, they cry less and you can have your hands free!!” -Robyn R.

“Loved my bamboo baby wrap (Lovey Duds) for my youngest…he was the fourth, so by then, we were an on-the-go family …and it was a hot summer that year…the bamboo fabric was so breathable for both of us and he was super safe and comfy!” – Amy M.

“I used Ring Sling when I was younger, the Ergo now that I am older and have the $ (it really does save your back). My breastfed baby’s always got hungry at the grocery store so if I didn’t have a carrier I had to sit on the floor!”  -Karen P.

Top Baby Swings/Bouncy Chairs/Cradles

Many moms said that their baby swing, bouncy chair or cradle were the baby product they couldn’t live with out.  These products are great to help soothe babies to sleep and give mom a much needed break.

best baby productsThe top picks were:

  • Fisher Price Rock n Play Sleeper – My #1 top baby product that I couldn’t have lived without! My boys had reflux and had to sleep at an incline.  I only discovered this with my 4th son and wish I would have had it with all of my boys!
  • Cradle Swing – I always wanted one of these.
  • Vibrating Bouncy Seat – Loved mine!  It was still going strong after 4 babies.
  • Boppy Pillow – My boys loved chillin’ in the boppy and it was great for when they first started to sit up.
  • Graco Pack N Play– I used mine on SO many vacations!

Here’s  why these were a favorite:

“Portable cradle. My second son would not sleep in anything else!! I think it was because of the slight incline in it and he had a terrible time with congestion.”   – Sheena M.

“I was originally in the market for a Nap Nanny but they were taken off of the shelves bc of the recall and someone mentioned the Rock n Play and it was amazing for our little one with reflux.” -Monica K.

“The baby swing! I know it’s not for every baby, but my boys both loved it and it’s the only way I could catch a decent break to get stuff done or tend to my older son when they were newborns. Life saver for me!” – Ashlee M.

“The cradle swing! Once we got past those first couple weeks of only wanting to be held, it was nice to have somewhere safe to put him when I needed to do something else! And he slept amazing in it! It was my savior for nap time for a while!” – Lauren H.

“Our Boppy was a life saver when nursing for the first 18 months and he’s 3 now and we still use it at night to help support him or our arms when he wants to be snuggled to sleep. ” – Laura P.

“Swing!! We had more than one. He cried so much the first two months we would have been lost without it!” -Linda R.

Diapering Products You Can’t Live Without

Once baby arrives, you will be changing a lot of diapers!  Here are some of the most recommended products for baby’s bottom from moms who have changed a lot of diapers:

baby products

“Tesco wipes! There were times I bought different brands like Huggies or Johnson but I hated it! Huggies are tearing apart and Johnson are too wet.. Tesco wipe is a magic wipe!” – Irena K.

“The wipey warmer!! Oh my gosh it’s always my go to for new mommies!!” Rachel R.

“I know most moms don’t care for them but my must-have was a wipe warmer. My babies screamed and cried and hated being changed, until I got the warmer. Then they laid completely still for changes. I never knew what the issue was – why my little one hated changes so much – until he learned one of his first words – COLD! That’s when I knew.” – Karly D.

Best Baby Blankets

New babies love to be snuggled and of course we want to keep them warm. Here are top baby blankets that your little one will love to cuddle up in.

Baby Products new mom

“Oh my gosh! The Halo swaddle blankets are the one thing I couldn’t do without.#lifesaver” – Eireann G.

“Muslin baby blankets are perfect to swaddle or cover up when nursing.” -Shiloh L.

Top Products for Feeding Baby

Babies love to eat and eat.  Here are some great products you many want depending on how you feed your baby.

dr browns

  • Breast Pump – There are several different types to choose from that are great for if you are on the go without baby, or trying to increase your milk supply.
  • Dr. Browns Bottles – These are definitely a favorite bottle.  Always try one with your baby before buying several, just in case baby doesn’t like it.
  • Baby Breeza Formula Pro – Where was this when my kids were babies?? This would have been so helpful!
  • Miracle 360 Sippy – For when baby is a bit bigger and weaning from bottles and breastfeeding.
  • Bottle Brush – Definitely a necessity if you are feeding your baby with bottles!

Other Popular Baby Products our moms recommended: 

Top Baby Products

I purchased an Angel Care Baby monitor with my 4th son after a baby in our neighborhood died of SIDS.  It helped me to sleep better knowing I would be notified if my baby wasn’t breathing.  I used the pad underneath his mattress until he started rolling around and then used the monitor without it.  It worked great!

“With my twins I could not go without out night night owl. Baby a at first would have a hard time settling down or would get fussy. I found a sound he liked on it and he would lay there calmly. Now I have trained them it is sleep time with a different sound on the machine. Turn it on before naps and bed. Puts them right out.” – Nichole N.

“The NoseFrida Snot Sucker! It sounds so gross but is completely hygienic and really helps get the snot out of babies and toddlers when they’re sick. It saved me so many times when I had a baby who got sick several times one winter. It does the job, unlike the crappy blue bulbous thing the hospital gives you.” Megan L.

“The mirror that goes on the seat of your car, so you can see your child in the backseat. Received one as a gift for my 3rd boy. Not sure how I survived without it before.” – Kirsten P.

Best baby products

Gripe water can be a life saver if your baby suffers from gas or colic.  I used it with two of my boys and it was so helpful.  Of course, always ask your doctor before giving your baby any new products.

Sophie Giraffe Teether

On reviewer said, “Both of my babies have loved these. It’s expensive but worth it because they are easier for babies to hold and chomp on than other teething toys.”

Baby products moms need

“This stroller is well worth the money. It is more expensive than other strollers but when using something this much it is worth the extra money for the added features.”  Amazon Reviewer

Baby products you need

If you have more than one small child, this is a great product!

“I love this thing!! I have twins and it’s perfect since nowhere except Costco has the double carts. Everyone looks at them and says how cute they are and how cool this buggy bench is. It’s awesome and I have 2 happy babies, totally worth every cent!” Mom of Twins

Knowing what you need for your baby can be overwhelming but hopefully this list will help you narrow your baby registry down to baby products that can really help you through the overwhelm that comes in the first years of being a mom.

And if you are raising or soon to be raising a boy, come join our Moms of Boys Community where you can ask your questions and talk about concerns in a safe and fun environment.  We’d love to have you!

What is one Baby Product that you couldn’t live without?  Leave a comment and let us know so we can add it to our list!

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