Ideas on building a strong relationship with your son.

Monday Motivation: 10 Lessons Learned from Life on the Farm

Today’s Monday Motivation is a tribute to the two men in my life who helped to shape me into the person I am today: My dad and my Grandpa.  I think it is fitting to share this with Father’s Day yesterday and I hope my dad knows how much I love and appreciate all of the many life lessons he taught me over the years.  He is the absolute hardest worker I know and has always been a source of strength to me and my family Do it well or not at all: 10 lessons I learned from life on the farm I consider myself fortunate.  Growing up on a farm in the Utah countryside was one of my greatest blessings.  Life’s lessons were not just talked about, they were taught to us by example every day.   And every day of my youth, I watched my father and grandfather dedicate their days and nights to planting, watering, and growing crops and taking care of animals.  But beyond a love for animals and an appreciation for where our food comes from, I learned many life lessons through their examples. […]

10 things I Hope to Teach My Boys – A Father’s Perspective

I’d better hurry and get this posted or it won’t be Father’s Day anymore.  I am one lucky girl to have been blessed with the most amazing father and to have married the most wonderful man to be the father to my boys.  I hope all the fathers out there had a very happy Father’s Day today.  I asked my husband to “guest post” for me today and to share a few of the things that as a dad he hopes he is teaching our boys.   He is a wonderful example of what a father should be like and my boys are so lucky to have him as their daddy. […]

Tips for parenting your strong-willed child

Have a strong-willed child?  So do I!  From day 1 he’s been stubborn and what some would consider”difficult”.  I remember my grandma sending me newspaper articles when he was a baby/toddler on how to handle a difficult child. I remember everywhere we would go I would get unsolicited “advice” from all sorts of child behavior “experts”, normally in the form of elderly women whose own children “never acted like that”.    His years 3-5 were one constant frustration and struggle. I remember crying daily and feeling like I was failing as a mother.  But now I don’t see his strong-will as a negative, though it can be very frustrating and I definitely don’t want to break his strong will.  I know that as he learns to direct that drive and stubborn ambition into something positive that there will be no limit to the success he can have in life.  He is so self-driven and motivated and even at his young age he is looking to the future and making plans.   Yet we also deal with daily head-butting and arguing.  Yes some days our daily life feels more like a tug-of-war game where no one wins. When I came across this article it was exactly what I have been needing.   […]

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