Gratitude Pumpkins

I love that Thanksgiving is a holiday that doesn’t require gifts and extra things.  It is simply a time to reflect on and be grateful for the things that we have.  These Gratitude Pumpkins are a great craft to help kids remember to be thankful for the things that they have. Gratitude Pumpkins I’ll admit that Christmastime is my favorite time of the year.  I love the music, the smells, the treats and the general feeling that comes with the season. As much as I love Christmas,  I also love that we have a holiday that is solely based on giving gratitude for the many blessings that we have and I want my children to take the time to recognize that they have so much to be thankful for before they start making lists of toys and treats that they hope to see on Christmas morning. […]

“Mom, my baby’s awake!”

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Fun Friday! I’m being watched

I haven’t posted a Fun Friday activity in a couple of weeks.  I love to find activities to make our Friday’s more fun and that can get the kid’s imaginations going.  Today I gave them some self-adhesive googly eyes and then sat back and watched as they made regular objects from our house come to life. Here are some of our favorites: […]

Fun Friday: Mirror Messages

Happy Fun Friday!!  [...]

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