Tips to Becoming a Successful Blogger

“Is it possible to be a successful blogger?”  “Do you actually make money blogging?”  “Can anyone be a blogger?” “Can you help me start a blog?” I don’t normally talk “blogging” here on the blog but these are some of the questions I hear on a regular basis.  So today I wanted to share some tips to becoming a successful blogger. My blog started as an idea years before I ever wrote my first post.  I love doing fun things with my boys and had always wanted to share them but fear, insecurity, lack of knowledge, etc. kept me from writing my first post. It wasn’t until I was on bed-rest with my 4th baby boy that I realized that my life would forever be that of a mom of boys and I wanted to connect with other moms in my shoes.  So, I put aside my insecurities and jumped into the blogging world with both feet. I have made nearly every possible mistake along the way but these are the some of things I have learned that can help you become a successful blogger. […]