25 of the Best Books for Teen Boys

If you have a teenage boy, you know that getting them to read might be a bit of a challenge. Or…in some cases like that of my tween, they might read books faster than you can keep up with. Everynight I have to basically take my son’s books away and make him go to sleep. What an awful problem to have! Kidding! ūüėČ He actually helped me to come up with this list of 25 Best Books for Teen Boys. He’s read nearly ALL of them! 25 of the Best Books for Teen Boys Check out this list and then let me know if you have a favorite that I should add to the list.¬† […]

Favorite Bedtime Stories for Boys

Reading bedtime stories has always been a part of our nightly routine. ¬†Even when my boys were tiny we would take time to look at picture books and now that they are older, they love books! My youngest is quickly out-growing my lap, which makes me sad, but we still read bedtime stories every night. As my boys are getting older, they can do some of the reading. ¬†I think reading is one of those memories every child has fond memories of. It is a memory they can cherish for years and something they can pass down to their kids. I love this list of favorite bedtime stories for boys! Favorite Bedtime Stories for Boys I asked my¬†Moms of Boys Community¬†to share their favorite bedtime stories for boys and what their boys love¬†about them. I loved these answers and I‚Äôm sure you will too! […]

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