Father’s Day Gift Card Holder: “Dad, I Dig You!”

Father’s Day is coming and you may be trying to decide what to have your kids give to their dad.  My boys love making things, but I am often completely out of ideas.  There are a lot of different Father’s Day crafts that you could make, but I always like to give my husband something that he will be able to use and enjoy.  My husband is impossible to buy for, so a gift card is often our gift of choice.  If you are planning to give dad a gift card to his favorite store this Father’s Day, you will need a Father’s Day gift card holder and this “Dad, I Dig You” gift card holder is inexpensive and perfect for kids to make for their dad. Father’s Day Gift Card Holder: “Dad, I Dig You!” This Father’s Day gift card holder is so easy to make!  You don’t even need a glue gun, which is a major plus for me, since the last time I used a glue gun, I lost a few finger tips!  All you need is a few supplies and your kids will have the perfect way to present a gift card to dad from his favorite store. […]