Top 10 Things To Do In Diagon Alley

Our family just returned from a magical week at the Family Forward Blogging retreat in Universal Studios Orlando and the highlight of our trip was our after-hours event in Diagon Alley.  Diagon Alley is a must-see for all Harry Potter fans so I’ve put together our top 10 things to do in Diagon Alley that you won’t want to miss. 10 Things to Do in Diagon Alley If you are a Harry Potter fan and raising little “Potterheads” then a trip to Universal Studios Orlando is definitely in order.  Every square inch of Diagon Alley will make you feel as though you had been transported right into the magical wizardry world.   From the staff, to the buildings, goblins, treats and more, everything seemed authentic as can be. As we walked into Diagon Alley, I looked down at my boys and became a little teary-eyed at the complete awe and excitement I could see on their faces.  The atmosphere is a magical as the wizards themselves. […]