Tips To Help Kids Love Reading

Once children learn to read, the entire world changes.  Books can take them on far off adventures and open their minds to new and exciting things.  But, how do you help your child to enjoy reading?  Books and reading have always been a huge part of my life and since March is National Reading Month, I’m excited to share 10 Tips To Help Kids Love Reading Tips To Help Kids Love Reading When I was young, we always had an abundance of books.  My boys also have more books than they have toys and we do a lot of reading.  My second son is such a book-worm that there are times that I will actually have to ask him to put his book away in order to finish other things.  I have always encouraged my boys to read and I have seen the benefits of that in their grades and in their desire to read.  They really enjoy reading!  Here are a few of my tips that may help your child to love reading as well. […]