How to Get Dirt and Grass Stains out of Children’s Clothing

It seems to never fail.  I buy new clothes for my boys and they come home from school with grass or dirt stains.  The term “boys will be boys” definitely applies to how my boys treat their clothes.  Here are some great tips on how to get stains out of children’s clothes (or any clothes for that matter.) How to Get Stains Out of Clothes I do a lot of laundry at my house.  A LOT!  In fact, I don’t think I ever finish doing laundry because when I get to the bottom of the baskets, there are already clothes starting to pile up that need to be washed.  My boys are very involved in sports so they change a couple of times a day. And even when they aren’t playing sports, they are being boys outside in the dirt. (We have a lot of dirt here in the desert!) […]