Valentine Boxes For Boys: Easy, Creative and Fun to Make

We love getting crafty on Valentine’s day and my boys are getting pretty good at designing their own Valentine boxes for school.  Here are some of our favorite Valentine Boxes for boys. Valentine Boxes for Boys Every year my boys design a fun Valentine box that is taken to school empty and that returns full of Valentines from their friends. I was told recently that this doesn’t happen anywhere but in the US, and even then a lot of schools don’t allow it.  Boo! If your kids are allowed to make Valentine boxes, these are my favorite Valentine boxes for boys that we have made.  My boys have a lot of fun designing their Valentine boxes and I’m glad that I can provide a little bit of enjoyment and a lot of memory making with my boys while they are little. Here are a few of the Valentine boxes my boys have made: […]

R2D2 Valentine Box

We have fun coming up with different Valentine boxes for my boys each year and this R2D2 Valentine box is one of my favorites so far! R2D2 Valentine Box My boys are still on a Star Wars kick so I knew that a R2D2 Valentine box would go over very well!  Plus, my 7-year-old can’t wait to use this as an R2D2 garbage can in his room when Valentine’s Day is over. […]

Mustache Valentines

It seems like everywhere you look right now you see things with mustaches.  I have no idea where or how mustaches became popular but we had to get in on the fun with these awesome Mustache Valentines. Mustache Valentines Valentine’s Day is so soon and these can be made in a jiffy.  Just download this free printable Mustache Valentine to print out your cards.  If you want you can print on card stock or cut these out and then glue them on to colored paper.  Either way these are so fun and perfect for both the boys and girls in your child’s classroom. Get your Mustache Valentine download here: […]

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