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Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies

Those who know me know that the way to my heart comes in the form of cookies and these Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies are my favorite chocolate chip cookie of all time. Chocolate Chip Angel Cookies When it comes to will-power, I consider myself a pretty strong person.  I try to eat healthy, exercise and take care of myself but I have one weakness.  Superman had Kryptonite, I have cookies!  I can go forever without eating sweets or junk food unless those sweets happen to be a cookie in any form.    Chocolate?…Nah, Chips?…Maybe,  But chocolate chip cookies?  Yes please, every time. […]

How to Reach a Goal : 10 tips for Busy Parents

How to Reach a Goal If you’re anything like me you may have some goals or dreams that you had to push to the back burner because you have kids.   As parents to busy kids, it may seem that we don’t have time to even think about setting and especially don’t have time to worry about how to reach a goal that we’ve set.  Our biggest “goals” for the day may be showering before noon or making sure the kids have matching, clean clothes.  It’s the first week of February and sadly statistics show that 92% of New Years resolutions have probably already failed.  That’s sad! So as a busy parent, how can we set and actually reach real goals?  Do you even remember what your goals/dreams were before you had kids? A couple of weeks ago I was asked to teach a class to the ladies at church on setting and reaching goals.  I was a little surprised when they asked be, because, well my life is complete chaos most of the time but there are a few things I’ve learned over the years that can make reaching goals a bit easier and setting goals has always been important to me. 10 Tips to Help You Reach a Goal […]

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Groundhog Day Recipes: Pudding Cups

It’s a beautiful, beautiful day outside and I’m thinking that spring is coming soon, at least to my neck-of-the-woods.  But Saturday we will find out for sure if we can expect sunshine or stormy weather.  Come one Phil. Don’t let us down! This week I thought I would share some Groundhog Day recipes.  I’ve already shared Groundhog day pancakes and today we made another Groundhog day recipe: Punxsutawney Pudding cups (which I can’t even say, so let’s call them Groundhog Day pudding cups for short. 😉 Okay?) […]

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