Sports Cupcakes

Last week I shared my son’s M&M’s basketball cake that we made for his 7th birthday.  Since his birthday fell during the week we did his sports party with friends this weekend and needed a little treat to give to them.  Of course we thought of sports cupcakes.  I will be sharing all of the fun we had at the party later this week. […]

Sometimes it Stinks Being Little

My big boys were pra [...]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game! 20 Benefits of Playing Sports

It’s the time of year again.  The gloom of winter is behind us and the ball park is calling our name.  My boys just started little league and I can’t but help think back to my childhood.  Where I grew up, we lived for baseball.  Looking back, it seems that playing ball may have been an actual requirement to live there.  Everyone lived at the ball park in the summer.  If you look through any Jr. High yearbook it will say, “Stay cute and cool and see you at the ball park.”   Maybe that’s why I get so excited to see my boys dressed in their uniforms and beginning to learn the game. I know that not all children love being involved in sports, but sports, in general, offer many physical, mental and emotional benefits to kids.  Here’s my top 20: 20 Benefits of Playing Sports […]

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