Printable Declutter Checklist for Kids Clutter

I had NO idea that such little people could accumulate so much stuff!  Every time I start decluttering my house, I get overwhelmed with my kids’ junk!  This Printable Declutter Checklist will help you to keep the kid’s clutter under control in your house. Printable Declutter Checklist The last time our family moved, was over 10 years ago and we could fit all of our belongings into a single horse trailer (a new one, just in case you were wondering about the “stuff” found in horse trailer. 😉 ) Now, that we have 3 additional kids, I can’t even imagine moving!  We have too much stuff!!  Each kid has added to our household clutter and at least once a year, I have to go through and clean and declutter my kid’s rooms and the areas of the house where they store their treasures. (Things can get a big scary!) […]

The Simplest Way to Remove Urine Stains from a Mattress

I’ll be honest.  I was SO sceptical when I came across this simple way to remove stains from a mattress.  Unfortunately my “sleep-walking/peeing” toddler made it so I needed to go out searching for this information and when I found this, it seemed too good to be true. How to Remove Urine Stains from a Mattress […]

Age-Appropriate Chores for Kids

One or our responsibilities as parents is to raise our children to be responsible, successful adults. Part of that responsibility is teaching our kids how to do household chores.  I’ve thought about the things I am trying to teach my boys (yes “trying”, it’s not always easy!) and here is my list of age-appropriate chores for kids. Age-Appropriate Chores For Kids Before I am ready, my boys will be packing their bags and heading out to face the world on their own. And while I can’t even think about it right now without wanting to cry, I know that part of our responsibility as parents is to get them ready to leave the house.  In order to be ready to leave, they have to know how to DO THINGS!  My boys still see chores as torture, but really, they are learning valuable life skills that will help them to be succesful.  I start my boys with chores when they are really young doing simple things, and add to those responsibilities as they get older.  My list of age-appropriate chores for kids is below. […]

How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet and Shoes – Natural Remedies

I have boys.  Boys smell.  A LOT!  But there are a few things we can do to help get rid of stinky feet and shoes.   How to Get Rid of Stinky Feet and Shoes The one thing that has been surprising to me as a mom of boys, is how smelly they can get.  They can be freshly bathed one minute, go outside for 30 seconds and come in smelling like a wet dog.  And their feet can get so smelly, especially when they get involved in sports and are sweating a lot.  It gets worse as they get older.  Here are some natural remedies that will help your kids (or anyone in the family) get rid of stinky feet and shoes. […]

How to Get Dirt and Grass Stains out of Children’s Clothing

It seems to never fail.  I buy new clothes for my boys and they come home from school with grass or dirt stains.  The term “boys will be boys” definitely applies to how my boys treat their clothes.  Here are some great tips on how to get stains out of children’s clothes (or any clothes for that matter.) How to Get Stains Out of Clothes I do a lot of laundry at my house.  A LOT!  In fact, I don’t think I ever finish doing laundry because when I get to the bottom of the baskets, there are already clothes starting to pile up that need to be washed.  My boys are very involved in sports so they change a couple of times a day. And even when they aren’t playing sports, they are being boys outside in the dirt. (We have a lot of dirt here in the desert!) […]

How To Get Rid of the “Boy Smell” in Your Bathroom

If you have boys, you know about the “Boy Smell” that can be found in your bathroom, even when freshly cleaned.  Here are some solutions that have worked for me to get rid of the “boy smell” in your bathroom. How to Get Rid of the Boys Smell In Your Bathroom I don’t know what it is about boys and their need to pee everywhere.  But over time, if not cleaned properly, the “boy smell” will take over. here are a few thing that can help to get the “boy smell” out of your bathroom. […]

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