Early Reader Book Sets Your Child Will Love

I started reading to my children as soon as they were born.  We would look at colorful books with animals, shapes and textures, and reading time before bed has always been a fun bonding time for me with my boys.  So naturally, they each got to an age where they wanted to read by themselves (my 4-year-old is just starting).  Knowing where to find early reader book sets that kids will enjoy, and not get frustrated with, is a challenge.  But, I have a few ideas that I have helped my boys become really great readers.  Check out this list of early reader book sets your child will love. Early Reader Book Sets Getting boys excited about reading is a known struggle among parents and educators.  Lots of times, boys just don’t like to read, which is sad.  I’ve shared some of my tips and tricks for helping boys to love reading and these early reader book sets really started my boys on a path where they really enjoy reading. […]