I started reading to my children as soon as they were born.  We would look at colorful books with animals, shapes and textures, and reading time before bed has always been a fun bonding time for me with my boys.  So naturally, they each got to an age where they wanted to read by themselves (my 4-year-old is just starting).  Knowing where to find early reader book sets that kids will enjoy, and not get frustrated with, is a challenge.  But, I have a few ideas that I have helped my boys become really great readers.  Check out this list of early reader book sets your child will love.

Early Reader Book Sets

Early Reader Book Sets

Getting boys excited about reading is a known struggle among parents and educators.  Lots of times, boys just don’t like to read, which is sad.  I’ve shared some of my tips and tricks for helping boys to love reading and these early reader book sets really started my boys on a path where they really enjoy reading.
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Best Books for Beginning Reader

1. I See Sam Phonics Books



I absolutely adore the I See Sam early readers.  They are a little old-school compared to some of the newer series, but my boys have loved these books and love meeting new characters and seeing the situations they get themselves into.  My youngest just turned 4.  I decided to pull out my I See Sam books, since he seemed ready to learn and he knows his alphabet, and he is cruising through them.  A new word or two is introduced in each book until they are reading several words on their own.  And the stories are fun!

2. Bob Books



Bob Books are another one of the early reader sets that we enjoy.  These are great because they come in several different levels. The beginning reader level has stories that only use 4 letters so children can get really comfortable reading by themselves.  These are great for helping to build confidence as kids learn to read.

3. Dr Seuss Beginner Book Collection

 Dr. Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection


You Can’t think of Early Reader sets without thinking of Dr. Seuss.  My boys adore his books and the Dr. Seuss beginner Book Collection has all of the favorites that are great for new readers, including Hop on Pop, Fox in Socks and Green Eggs and Ham.

4. Usborne Very First Reading Set

Usborne very first reading set

Usborne books are some of my favorites!  They have books for every level and interest.  I love their Very First Reading Set.  These are great books that you can read together.  The 15 book boxed set includes a helpful parents’ guide as well as online resources to help you get the most of your set and help your child become confident as they learn new words.

Once your child has mastered the Very First Reading set, they will be ready to start the best-selling Usborne Reading Program

If you haven’t visited our Usborne store at TheJoysofBoysbooks.com, take a look and let me know if I can help you make a selection of the perfect books for your child.

Usborne books

I Read, You Read Books – The Next Level of Reading

Once your child has a good grasp of basic words, co-readers or “I read you read” books are a great next step.

1. National Geographic Co-Readers

 National Geographic Readers: Follow Me: Animal Parents and Babies National Geographic Readers: Day and Night


I’m very excited about the new Co-Readers from National Geographic.  Co-readers will have a page or section for a parent to read and a simplified text for kids to read.  National Geographic is in the process of adding to this line of books but currently you can find Follow Me, Animal Parents and Babies, which my son LOVES, and Day and Night which talks about the different things that happen in the world during the day and night.  Both of these books have kept my son’s attention and I can’t wait to see more titles in the co-readers series!

2. You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You Collection

 Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together You Read to Me, I’ll Read to you: Very Short Fables to Read Together You Read to Me, I’ll Read to you: Very Short Stories to Read Together Very Short Scary Tales to Read Together


The You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You series is an award winning, and best-selling series of early reader books.  These are designed with budding readers in mind, and each story is set in three columns with color-coded type as a script for two voices to read separately and together. Stories in this series include Very Short Fairy Tales to Read Together, Very Short Fables to Read Together, Very Short Stories to Read Together, Very Short Scary Stories to Read Together and more.

3. Usborne Story Tales

 The Little Book of Train Stories Fairy Tales Princess Stories


Usborne books has some of my favorite story books that include two levels of texts for parents and children to read together.  The book we have is no longer in print but they have these titles that kids will love: Little Book of Train Stories, Fairy Tales, and Princess Stories.

I hope these early reader book sets come in handy as you help your child learn to read. 

Early Reader book Sets

Do you have a recommendation for early reader books that your kids have enjoyed?

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