15 Ways to Embrace Being a Mom of All Boys

The day I became a mom was one of the happiest (and most terrifying) days of my life.  That sweet little boy grew up before my eyes and was followed by a baby brother…and then another…and then ANOTHER! 4 boys!  How on earth did I become a mom to 4 boys? My entire life I had planned on having at least one daughter. But, God had other plans. And here I was, the mother of 4 boys. I had a choice to make. I could either feel sad and mourn the daughter I would never have, or I could learn to embrace being a mom of all boys. There was a period of sadness, and it still creeps in every once in awhile (watching others do mommy/daughter things together can be HARD!), but my life is one that I wouldn’t change and being a mom to 4 boys has been and will forever be the one of the things that brings me the most joy.  Right up there with my marriage to their daddy! 🙂 So while I think it is normal to feel some sadness if you had always hoped for having a daughter, there are so many great ways that you can embrace being a mom of all boys. 15 Ways to Embrace Being a Mom of All Boys […]