Monday Motivation:Shake it off and Step Up

Today I just want to share a fun little story, The Donkey in the Well, with you that I heard at a conference a couple of years ago.  This goes a long with, Are you a Bouncer or a Splatter, that I posted last week.   Have you ever just had one of those days, weeks, months or maybe even years where it seems like life is just throwing dirt at you?  We’re half way through January and maybe all of those resolutions you made have already been thrown out the window for one reason or another.  Or maybe you were hoping for some big change to come into your life and instead you get frustration or even heartbreak. One thing I’ve found is that sometimes when we start walking towards our goals or our dreams it seems like there is always someone there to throw dirt at us.  Someone trying to keep us down or who is just indifferent, when you want them to be supportive.  If that is how you are feeling right now, I want you to think of a donkey named Jack. The Donkey in the Well […]