10 Tips To Help You Deal With Bedwetting

Bedwetting is normal in kids but it can be frustrating and even embarrassing.  Here are 10 Tips To Help You Deal with Bedwetting. 10Tips To Help You Deal With Bedwetting As I’ve mentioned in the past, we have had our fair share of night-time bathroom issues.  One of those issues is bedwetting.   Bedwetting can be very frustrating, because just when you think you are done with diapers, you have a whole new type of mess to clean up.  And, boys are up to 3Xs more likely to have problems with bedwetting than girls are so I was bound to have at least one with a problem. […]

How To Get Rid of the “Boy Smell” in Your Bathroom

If you have boys, you know about the “Boy Smell” that can be found in your bathroom, even when freshly cleaned.  Here are some solutions that have worked for me to get rid of the “boy smell” in your bathroom. How to Get Rid of the Boys Smell In Your Bathroom I don’t know what it is about boys and their need to pee everywhere.  But over time, if not cleaned properly, the “boy smell” will take over. here are a few thing that can help to get the “boy smell” out of your bathroom. […]

Potty Training Boys: Advice from Moms of Boys

If you are beginning to potty train your little one, these tips for potty training boys will hopefully help make the process go more smoothly as your child starts the journey of becoming diaper free. Make sure to grab our free guide below for easy access to advice on Potty training YOUR son! Potty Training Boys There is nothing more exciting and frightening than the thought of no more diapers.  Exciting because, obviously no one likes changing diapers, but frightening because getting kids to use the toilet is not an easy task and no one wants to clean up the mess that a diaper-less ‘accident’ can bring.  Plus, once you start potty training boys, your bathroom will never be the same.  Make sure you have your bathroom ready for potty-training before your start! […]

Preparing Your Bathroom for Potty Training Boys

We talk a lot about potty training boys and cleaning up after they make messes while potty training, but today I want to talk about preparing your bathroom for potty training boys.  Preparing Your Bathroom for Potty Training Boys My  poor bathroom.  I don’t think it really knew what was coming when we built our house.  My oldest was only 2 when we moved in and was not potty trained yet.  But soon after we moved in, the potty training started and we have now potty trained 4 boys.  I can happily say that we are DONE with potty training, but it doesn’t matter how old boys get, they still make messes in the bathroom.  I’m going to talk about potty training boys in a post later this week, but for now, let’s discuss preparing your bathroom for potty training boys. Because, let’s face it, it doesn’t matter how many cute toilet targets you buy, or how many cheerios your sons aim for, your boys are going to make a mess of your bathroom.  It will never be the same again! […]

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