A Letter to my Sons on the First Day School – Back to School Quotes

I can’t believe we are back in school!   I am so proud of my boys  and I love their individual personalities.  So today I thought I would write a letter to my boys on the first day of school and share some of my favorite back to school quotes.  Back to School Quotes To my 5th grader, Today was the first day of your last year in elementary school.  You’re the oldest at school now.  The kings of the castle.  As I took your younger brothers to find their teachers and line up with their classes, I watched as you headed off on your own with your friends.  I planned on making sure you made it to the correct line and getting your picture (against your will), but by the time I had your brothers settled, your teacher had already headed inside. […]

EmbarK¹²: Preschool Programs by K¹²

This post brought to you by K12, the leader in online education. All opinions are 100% mine. For the past few months I have been working as a substitute teacher for a local online high school that uses the K¹² curriculum.  I teach in the science field and I have been so impressed with the amazing resources, both online and at home that are provided to students.  I’ve watched Chemistry students do virtual labs and actually had a lot of fun trying out the labs myself.  So when I saw that K¹² also has a preschool program, I knew that I needed to share it with my readers. I know how difficult and how expensive it can be to find a good preschool.  I  even considered starting my own preschool for my children but found that I just didn’t have the time to put the resources together.  The EmbarK¹² family of preschool programs offer a fun and innovative approach to learning that your child will love and that will have them ready to take the next step into Kindergarten. […]

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