Kids Got Energy? Dancing is the Best Medicine!

As a parent of 4 boys, I understand that boys can be balls of energy and that energy, if not contained, can become quite destructive.  So what is the best remedy for helping them to use up all of that built-up energy,  especially if weather isn’t permitting them to go outside?  Get them dancing with Just Dance: Disney Party 2! Just Dance: Disney Dance Party 2 You can always just turn on some music and have your kids bust a move, but I have found it is much more fun (and competitive) for my boys to pop a Just Dance disc into our Wii and let them dance to their favorite songs, while they compete for the top score position.  My boys are very competitive so the competition factor makes them work even harder to get the top score. […]

Petz Beach Game: Boy Approved

Have you started your Holiday shopping yet??  I’m just barely getting started but I’m finding that the number one thing on my boys’ wishlists is video games.   Petz Beach is one of the latest Nintendo 3DS games from Ubisoft and is being released just in time for the holidays and is the perfect gift if your kids love animals and video games as much as mine do. .   One of my favorite things about my boys is how much fun they have had over the years playing with their stuffed animals.  When my oldest boys were little, they would spend hours playing with their animals, especially their stuffed dogs.  Now they have passed those same animals on to my youngest boys who love to play with them.  And we have quite the collection of critters, especially dogs! […]

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