Hooray…You’re Almost There!

Your Camping Charades game is on the way to your inbox.  In the meantime, if you are hoping to plan a camping trip with your kids that you can ALL enjoy, keep reading to take advantage of an additional one-time only special bonus offer on our Camping Made Easy: Printable Camping Pack.


Over the years I have found that organization is the KEY to planning and actually enjoying camping with your kids.

Having a checklist of what to pack and things you need to buy, plus not having to search Pinterest for activities, recipes, camping songs and games each time you go will make you just as excited as your kids to get out into the great outdoors.

This Camping Made Easy printable camping pack WILL make camping with kids a breeze!

Here's what it includes:

  • Camping Packing Checklist – So you will never have to worry about forgetting something again!
  • Camping Shopping Checklist – Know exactly what you need to grab at the store. This is divided into three sections: personal, gear and food, making shopping for your trip less stressful.
  • Campsite planning and information – Where are you going? What will you do there? Keep it all organized with this campsite planning page.
  • Camping Tips, Tricks and Hacks  – There are a few simple things you can do to make camping easier. This page gives you some great ideas!
  • Simple Camping Activities – This includes a Nature Scavenger Hunt your kids will LOVE and other simple camping activities.
  • Camping crafts – With just a few supplies, your kids will enjoy making these simple camping crafts.
  • Campfire Songs – These campfire songs are classics! You’ll have so much fun teaching these to your kids.
  • No-Prep Campfire Games –  Enjoy your evenings around the fire with these no-prep campfire games that kids and adults can enjoy.
  • 3-Day Camping Meal Plan – Three days worth of camping recipes with ideas for breakfast, lunch, dinner and of course dessert! These lists include the ingredients as well as step-by-step instructions on how to make them.

A total of 18 pages of resources designed to make camping easy and fun!

Make camping with kids easy and fun with this Camping Made Easy printable pack.

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