The Best Subscription Boxes for Dad

Gone are the days where you have to wrap up an ugly tie and give it to dad. Say hello to 2016 and the year that you can get dad something awesome. This is for all of the women out there who want to give their husbands/sons/dads something different and unique that they will really love. Let’s dig into the ultimate subscription boxes for dad. I promise you, he’ll love anything from this list and you can really cater to his tastes and hobbies. Subscription Boxes for Dad When it comes to subscription boxes for dad, there is something for every personality. […]

Father’s Day Gift Card Holder: “Dad, I Dig You!”

Father’s Day is coming and you may be trying to decide what to have your kids give to their dad.  My boys love making things, but I am often completely out of ideas.  There are a lot of different Father’s Day crafts that you could make, but I always like to give my husband something that he will be able to use and enjoy.  My husband is impossible to buy for, so a gift card is often our gift of choice.  If you are planning to give dad a gift card to his favorite store this Father’s Day, you will need a Father’s Day gift card holder and this “Dad, I Dig You” gift card holder is inexpensive and perfect for kids to make for their dad. Father’s Day Gift Card Holder: “Dad, I Dig You!” This Father’s Day gift card holder is so easy to make!  You don’t even need a glue gun, which is a major plus for me, since the last time I used a glue gun, I lost a few finger tips!  All you need is a few supplies and your kids will have the perfect way to present a gift card to dad from his favorite store. […]

Father’s Day Pancakes

Father’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are planning away at making it the perfect day for the dad we adore. Breakfast is one of those things that needs to be planned. Surprise the dad in your life with these Father’s Day Pancakes with an extra ingredient dad will love: BACON! Father’s Day Pancakes We have a tradition of making fun breakfasts for pretty much every occasion.  We love making ManCakes each year but thought we should add in some new Father’s Day pancakes to the mix and these were fun for the kids to make.  […]

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