Father’s Day is just around the corner and most of us are planning away at making it the perfect day for the dad we adore. Breakfast is one of those things that needs to be planned. Surprise the dad in your life with these Father’s Day Pancakes with an extra ingredient dad will love: BACON!

Father's Day Pancakes

Father’s Day Pancakes

We have a tradition of making fun breakfasts for pretty much every occasion.  We love making ManCakes each year but thought we should add in some new Father’s Day pancakes to the mix and these were fun for the kids to make. 

DAD Pancake Recipe

Dad Pancakes Recipe


Pancake Batter



  1. Mix your favorite pancake batter as the box or recipe directs.
  2. Place your batter in a squeeze bottle. You can use an empty ketchup bottle or something similar. I used an $0.88 universal squeeze bottle from Wal-Mart and it worked perfectly. Plus, it allows you to store it later so the batter doesn’t go to waste.How to make Father's Day Pancakes
  3. Use your pan to fry the bacon first. The leftover grease will allow for the pancakes to not stick. Plus, a little bit of bacon grease will only add to the flavor of the pancakes!Dad Pancakes Recipe
  4. Once your bacon is fried, place it in a food processor and finely chop it. (Don’t chop your finger like I did and have to start over :P.) How to Make Father's Day Pancakes
  5. Now that your bacon is ready, heat your pan to medium heat and slowly squeeze the bottle making a “D” shape as you go.
  6. After you have made the shape, sprinkle bacon on the still gooey top of the pancake. If you wait too long to do this, the bacon may not stick to the pancake and will just simply fall off when you go to flip. Having the pan at medium heat will allow you time to make the shape you desire and add the bacon without it cooking too quickly. Repeat this until you have all three letters (DAD). Father's Day Pancakes
  7. Once the pancake begins to really bubble on the top, that’s when it’s time to flip it.
  8. Lather in syrup or your favorite topping and enjoy!

Fathers Day Pancakes

Do you have any Father’s Day breakfast traditions?  These Father’s Day Pancakes would be a hit!

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