Father’s Day is sneaking up on us.  My husband doesn’t require big gifts or expensive toys.  In fact, he doesn’t like us to spend a lot of money on him so these ideas for Father’s Day Coupons and free printables are perfect for him.

Father's Day coupon ideas

Father’s Day Coupons

Father’s Day Coupons are a great last minute gift idea, and with a little creativity, you can easily come up with a really cute one for free, or with very inexpensive supplies. The hard part is coming up with ideas for the coupons. But I’ve made that much easier with this list of ideas for coupons that any Dad is sure to love!

1. One Car Wash

2. One Father/Son Adventure

3. One Bike Ride

4. One Day as King of the Remote Control

5. One Giant Hug

6. One Week Off of Trash Duty

7. Breakfast in Bed

8. One Day of Sleeping In

9. Saving the Last Scoop of Ice Cream for Dad

10. No Whining for 24 Hours

11. 1 Hour of Uninterrupted Nap Time

12. One Night of Camping

13. Quiet Kids During a Football Game

14. One Movie Night

15. Help with Cleaning the Garage

16. Help with Weeding the Garden

17. 30 Minutes of Peace and Quiet

18. One Good Back Scratch

19. One Day Without Being Asked ‘Why?’ When You Say No

20. One Chore Free Day

21. One Day Off of Diaper Duty

22. 2 Hours of Uninterrupted Video Game Time

23. One Dinner of Your Choice

24. One Cold Beverage Delivered To Dad

25. One Free Picture Drawn By the Kid of Your Choice

If time isn’t on your side, or creativity isn’t your thing, I’ll make it one step easier. Here’s a list of Father’s Day coupons that you can print right at home, for free!

1. Mustache themed coupons – 2 sheets that are already filled in with ideas, and one sheet of blank ones.

2. 7 Cute Prewritten Coupons

3. Printable Coupon Booklet – Comes with a front cover. Just print, cut, and staple. It has four blank ones to fill out your self, and seven prewritten ones.

4. Lots of Father’s Day Printables – coloring pages, certificates, door hangers, coupons, cutouts and more! Also a selection of things for Grandpas too!

5. Complete Coupon Book – Comes with a cover and everything. All the coupons are blank.

6. Two Pages of Coupons – There are seven coupons, prewritten, and ready to be colored in.

7. Six Simple Coupons – Prewritten. Just print, cut on the dotted lines, punch holes on the circles, and tie together.

8. Printable Father’s Day Tokens – A different take on the coupons. These are free printable tokens in four colors. They come in sets of 6, with one left blank.

If you were to create a Father’s Day Coupon for your dad, what would it say?

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