Gone are the days where you have to wrap up an ugly tie and give it to dad. Say hello to 2016 and the year that you can get dad something awesome. This is for all of the women out there who want to give their husbands/sons/dads something different and unique that they will really love. Let’s dig into the ultimate subscription boxes for dad. I promise you, he’ll love anything from this list and you can really cater to his tastes and hobbies.

Subscription Boxes for Dads

Subscription Boxes for Dad

When it comes to subscription boxes for dad, there is something for every personality.

Food Subscription Boxes for Dad, Let Dad Get His Grub On

My dad and husband ALWAYS love FOOD. There’s something about food and how happy it makes guys. Lucky for us, there are some awesome food subscription boxes out there for dad.

  • Candy Club– This is for the man in your life that has the sweet tooth. You know, the guy that sneaks the sweets after the kids are in bed. If he’s going to eat sweets at least give him something incredible to snack on.
  • Grill Masters Club– This is like the ultimate subscription box for the dad in your life. Not every guy loves BBQing, but if your guy does, this is the box for them. A box of BBQ goodness delivered to your door every month. This is perfect for summer!
  • Bacon Freak– Raise your hand if you’re a bacon freak?! If you are a bacon freak, you are probably married to one. Am I right? Get your hands on this Bacon Freak Subscription box for dad this Father’s Day!
  • Gourmet Foods Club– I love that Gourmet Foods club has different boxes based on your dad’s favorite foods.  There are several different food subscription boxes to choose from.

Hobby Subscription Boxes Help Dad Get a Hobby

Maybe the dad in your life already has a hobby, maybe he doesn’t. Check out these subscription boxes you can do in honor of that hobby.

  • Hobbytron RC Subscription Box– This is like the ultimate box for dads who love anything and everything that has to do with remote control vehicles. You will be amazed with what dad can get delivered to his door every month.
  • The Handy Box– Keep dad on his toes by sending him The Handy Box every month. This is the perfect box for the dad who loves DIY! Each month he’ll have helpful tools and gadgets sent to his house.
  • BattlBox.com– Looking for something interesting to give dad? Hook him up with this box every month full of survival and tactical gear.

Geek Subscription Boxes: Geeking it Up

Check out these ways you can give the geeky dad an awesome Father’s Day!

  • Loot Crate– You know those dads that can stay up all night playing on a gaming system? Loot Crate is just for them! Each mystery crate is filled with exclusive mystery geek and gamer gear.
  • Nerd Block– Do you know a dad that loves collecting nerdy things like Marvel comic characters, Star Wars, or other nerdy items? Sign them up for Nerd Block where they get a little nerdy surprise month after month.
  • Powered Geek– Geeks and gamers of all sorts will love a Powered Geek Subscription box. Whether Marvel, Star Wars, or Nintendo, your geek will get a box of items and a t-shirt every month.

Let the Kid in Dad Come Out to Play

Dads love playing and having fun with their kids. With this in mind, I’ve come up with some really cool subscription boxes, so dads can not only have fun but have fun with their kids.

  • Awesome Pack– Family game night is one of our favorite ways to bond with our boys. With Awesome Pack, board games and activities are handpicked for dad. How awesome is that?  There are two different options for subscription boxes.  One has games that dad could play with younger kids, and the other is focused on games for adults or older kids.
  • Cooper and Kid– What kid doesn’t love building things with dad?  This is also an awesome subscription box to sign dad up for. Every month all sorts of cool projects will be sent to your door that will let dad bond with the kids in fun and exciting ways.

Style Subscription Boxes for Dad: Dad Can be Cool Again

Sometimes dad needs a little push in the style department.  These subscription boxes are great for the stylish dad or the dad wanting to be more stylish.

  • Dollar Shave Club – You have probably heard of Dollar Shave Club. Dad can get an awesome supply of razors sent right to his door every month.
  • Sock Fancy– Does the dad in your life love socks? He’ll love the Sock Fancy subscription box. Mom may finding herself wanting one of these!
  • Five Four Club– Does dad need a makeover? Five Four Club is the ultimate place to get the best dress for even less!

There you have it, the best subscription boxes for dad. Now you have no excuse to not rock dad’s socks off this Father’s day!

Subscription boxes for dads

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