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25 Genius LEGO Storage Ideas

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If you have kids, there is a good chance you have LEGO. And if you have LEGO, then there is a good chance that you have become frustrated with how to organize all of the pieces and store them when not in use!  And we’ve all experienced how painful it is to STEP on a LEGO that was left out! But no worries!  These 25 LEGO Storage Ideas are just what you need to take the frustration out of storing LEGO pieces. LEGO Storage Ideas I love all of these LEGO storage ideas listed below. There are so many clever ways to store LEGO pieces and Minifigures. […]

Printable Declutter Checklist for Kids Clutter

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I had NO idea that such little people could accumulate so much stuff!  Every time I start decluttering my house, I get overwhelmed with my kids’ junk!  This Printable Declutter Checklist will help you to keep the kid’s clutter under control in your house. Printable Declutter Checklist The last time our family moved, was over 10 years ago and we could fit all of our belongings into a single horse trailer (a new one, just in case you were wondering about the “stuff” found in horse trailer. 😉 ) Now, that we have 3 additional kids, I can’t even imagine moving!  We have too much stuff!!  Each kid has added to our household clutter and at least once a year, I have to go through and clean and declutter my kid’s rooms and the areas of the house where they store their treasures. (Things can get a big scary!) […]

Weekly Meal Planner Printable for Busy Families

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Thank you Dr. Oetker LLC for sponsoring this post. Visit the store locator to find Virtuoso Pizza by Dr. Oetker in a retailer near you!  We survived the first month of school! My boys are exhausted. I’m exhausted. The last thing I want to think about after a busy day is what I’m going to make for dinner! If the school year has you running from place to place and always on the go, this weekly meal planner printable can really help you to keep dinnertime organized, even if the rest of your life is a bit chaotic. Weekly Meal Planner Printable for Busy Families There is nothing worse than 5 p.m. rolling around and realizing that you don’t have any plans for dinner. I’ve put together this weekly meal planner printable so that you can spend one day (I prefer Sunday afternoon) and plan out all of the meals for the week. […]

Preserve your Child’s Artwork with Keepy

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If you have kids, you have probably had to deal with  massive amounts of school papers and endless artwork piling up on your kitchen counter. Do you keep it or trash it? Is it something your child treasures (most of them are!) or something you can get rid of? I just discovered Keepy, the perfect app (it’s free!) to help organize kid’s school papers and preserve your child’s special artwork! Keepy App The Keepy app is a dream come true for sentimental clean freaks like myself.  I WANT to keep everything, but I have four kids.  I can’t possibly hang on to all of their artwork, acknowledgements and report cards forever. Keepy makes it easy to organize kid’s school papers and special artwork and to share it with the important people in your child’s life. You can also take a picture of special moments, such as the first day of school or the first tooth your child loses and save it in an organized place. […]

Remove Stains From Clothes: Everything You NEED to Know

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I have boys.  Lots of boys, which means we have a lot of dirty clothes.  And unfortunately, a lot of the time those clothes get stained while my boys are out adventuring.  When my boys walk in with stains on their clothes my heart sinks. Not because I’m mad, but because I know that stains are hard to get out and clothes are expensive. I am on a mission to make sure that stains on clothing come out! I’ve searched high and low for the best ways to remove stains from clothes and here are my best tips and tricks. How to Remove Stains from Clothes I’m yet to meet someone who LOVES laundry.  If you do, please come to my house and help me with my mountains of dirty clothes.  When it comes to treating stains, busy parents don’t have a lot of time.  These tips and tricks for removing stains from clothes, will make your life so much easier! […]

Toy Storage Solutions – My Top Tips for Storing Toy Sets

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Over the years of raising four boys, we have acquired quite a bit of toys.  Here are some of my toy storage solutions as well as some great ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.   Toy Storage Solutions LEGO, Hot Wheels, Train Tracks, Duplo, Balls, Dinosaurs, Pirate Play Sets, Super Hero Action Figures….the list goes on and on of toys that I am constantly stepping on or kicking out of my way.  Can you relate?  I have a couple of easy toy storage solutions that I think you will like. Both ideas involve recycled materials so you won’t have to pay hardly anything at all out-of-pocket if you have them on hand. […]

DIY Toy Storage Containers

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If you have kids, then it’s safe to say that you have toys.  These DIY Toy Storage Containers are a fun way to keep all of those toys organized and stored away. DIY Toy Storage Containers Having little boys in the home means having lots of cars, planes, trucks, dinosaurs, blocks and lots more lying around the home.  Sure you can just throw them into a basket and wait for them to be dumped out all over the floor or you can store them in style.  […]

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