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Potty training boys is exhausting but this
Potty Training Boys Made Easy Bundle makes it a breeze!

This Potty Training Boys Made Easy Bundle includes our two most popular potty training products, Potty Training Visual Schedule Cards and Blast off to Potty Training Reward Charts at a discount of 45% off.

potty training visual schedule makes potty training SO much easier for kids since it takes a lot of the confusion out of it by making each step easy to remember. They won’t have to guess what they are supposed to do next!

Just print these out and tape them to the wall. Introduce your child to the schedule by showing them what to do first, second, next, etc.

As kids follow these potty training cards on their own, they feel more independent and confident and potty training doesn’t feel so scary for them.

Potty training charts, potty training award, Potty training punch cards

Also, these​  ​Blast Off to Potty Training Reward Charts will have your little man ready to rock his bathroom breaks!

This Blast Off to Potty Training Package come with:

  • Easy to use sticker reward charts in two different designs (every child will be motivated in different ways)
  • Potty Training punch cards
  • And a Big Boy Potty Reward for when you finally get to ditch the diapers!

This Blast Off to Potty Training Reward System makes the process both smooth and super fun for your boy and takes the guesswork out of your next steps making potty training a breeze!

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